Guisachan: 361 Golden Retrievers

September 25, 2018 The Dogist

In July we traveled over to Scotland for the 150th anniversary of the Golden Retriever as a recognized breed, held at the Guisachan House. In 1868, a man by the name of Lord Tweedmouth bred his Wavy-coated Retriever, Nous, with his Tweed Water Spaniel, Belle. Lord Tweedmouth ended up keeping two of the yellow females and gifted the male to his son, Edward. And, after a few more rounds of breeding, all from the offspring of Nous and Belle, the universally-loved breed of Golden Retriever was born at the Guisachan estate.

Through all this work, Lord Tweedmouth created the perfect hunting dog who could navigate all the different terrains of the Scottish Highlands. Nowadays, although still great hunting dogs, Golden Retrievers are regarded as the ultimate family companions – sweet, smart, loving and live to please their people. At this event, nearly 400 Goldens from all around the world flew in to celebrate the anniversary of their celebrated breed. The event was organized by the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland, who was overjoyed with the outcome. The Golden Retriever, which was once just a few pups running around on these very same grounds, is now the 3rd most popular dog breed in the entire world.