2018 Round Up

January 4, 2019 The Dogist

Happy 2019!

We are so excited for this new year and even more excited that you are all along for the ride (Did someone say RIDE??). We have many fun things planned in 2019, but before we emBARK on that, we wanted to highlight a few PAWsome things we did in 2018. Sick of the dog puns yet?

Starting with… JANUARY!

In January, we beat the post-holiday blues by rolling around in the snow with every pup we could find.

We also featured dogs from PACT - a foster organizations assisting individuals deployed or sick that need temporary help to care for their pups. This was Leo – his dad was in the Air Force and was in the process of transferring to a permanent station in New Jersey.


In February attended the 142nd annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and photographed tons primped pooches, such as this Irish Setter named Diamond. #diva

We even photographed the Best in Show winner – Flynn, the Bichon Frise.

But perhaps the MOST fun part of February was spending the day with the Radio City Rockettes and ALL of their dogs. And no, the dogs weren’t able to do the high kicks. We were disappointed too.


In March we continued hitting the streets of New York, meeting so many wonderful dogs with even cooler stories. Like Poppy, whose hind legs were paralyzed but she’s a dog so the word ‘disabled’ isn’t even in her lexicon (neither is lexicon).

We also had the pleasure of featuring Trooper & Tyler - a veteran and his service dog from America’s Vetdogs. Tyler had to retire from the military due to a traumatic injury sustained while deployed in Kuwait. He credits Trooper with helping him lead a happy and fulfilled life after his career serving in our military. Thank you for both of your service!


In April we met some very hard working police dogs, trained to detect explosives. Xarro searches 2-5 thousand pieces of luggage PER DAY at Penn Station!

We also traveled to Puerto Rico with The Sato Project, which is where we first met Finn and many other Puerto Rican dogs, some of which were unfortunately stray.


In May, we brought Finn all the way back to NYC from Puerto Rico and started our first ever #RescueRide across the United States.

Finn quickly stole our hearts, along with 3.4 million Dogist fan’s hearts. It’s just he’s so devilishly handsome, you know?!


Along the Rescue Ride, we traveled to a ton of different states, cities, and rescue shelters over the course of a month...

...featuring adoptable dogs every step of the way.

This is also the month when Henry made the big decision to be Finn’s father!


In July, we traveled to Scotland and photographed 361 Golden Retrievers in a field. No, you’re not dreaming and that’s not a typo. They each received their Certified Good Boy certificates, which we thought was well deserved.

We also stopped by Rome, although some dogs didn’t seem too happy about that…the Italians can be a bit expressive at times. They call it ‘gusto’.


In August, we met New York’s most stylish bachelor. We’ve heard he’s started dating a Pug named Daisy...

And also traveled to San Francisco to photograph some good adoptable boys with some nice cars. Aston and Martin would be good dog names!


In September, our new CEO, Kate, got married, and of course had @wafflenugget as her head bridesmaid. She asked Waffle to cut the cake, but Waffle took her duties a little too seriously and ate 90% of it to ‘make sure it was good’. That last part didn’t happen, but for a second you imagined it did and that was pretty amusing, right?!

We visited the Universal Studios backlot in LA, where this cowboy showed us around the wild, wild west.


In October we hosted our very first Dogist event - A Very Dogist Halloween at the Brooklyn Brewery. There was LOTS of beer, candy, and dogs. Some of the dogs were dressed as bumblebees, and since Elias (our founder) is afraid of bees, Elias was kicked out of the party. Sorry, not sorry.

We also got to photograph Ranger – a service dog being raised by the Rangers – on the ice in Madison Square Garden during their home opener. Ranger started as a power forward, but was ultimately ejected from the game for RUFFing....


In November we celebrated five years of The Dogist, and officially launched The Dogist Collection - a product line for people who love dogs and want to show it!

We also fostered Marble, a Border Collie mix who was available through Social Tees Animal Rescue. Marble very quickly found his forever home with a family in Brooklyn, even though he’ll always have a place in our hearts, too.


In December we traveled to Paradise, California to document the dogs displaced by the Camp Fire and help reunite them with their owners who are slowly piecing their lives back together. #paradisestrong

And lastly, were able to finish off the year with our friends, family, and pups for the holidays! We’re grateful for everyone’s loyal support of The Dogist over the last five years and can’t wait to meet every dog that 2019 brings! Woof woof!