A Very Dogist Halloween

October 31, 2018 The Team

Last Wednesday we threw our very first Dogist event – A Very Dogist Halloween! Brooklyn Brewery was kind enough to partner with us to help throw this dog-tastic event, along with Petco, Dylan’s Candy Bar, and Otto’s Tacos – all proceeds of this event were donated to Dylan’s Candy Barn, a nonprofit started by Dylan’s to help find every pup a home. We had a ton of dogs (and their humans, too) come to party with us all night long.

The Greeting Committee included Kate, Liz, and Waffle as security. “Security” to Waffle meant checking people’s bags for cookies and confiscating all of them with her mouth.

When it comes to cookies, Waffle doesn’t mess around. She runs a tight ship and she is not afraid to rumble in the cookie jungle.

Did you just mutter something under your breath? Yeah, you’re coming downtown with Waffle and no you don’t get a phone call (unless it’s to the biscuit bakery).

Dogs of all ages were welcomed to the event. This one was an adoptable puppy from Animal Haven and was trying to go home with everyone that night...what a dog!

Henry & Finn as Dumb & Dumber...we’re still trying to figure out which one was dumber...

Finn took smiling lessons, but we’re going to try and get our money back. Unless you think it’s working…?

A shark was spotted and we had to clear the area for this photo. When questioned, he only spoke French and kept muttering, “Je voudrais un cookie”, which we didn’t understand.

A slow song came on, we turned the lights down, and people started slow-dancing with their dogs, as pictured above.

A fight broke out when someone mistook The Dogist’s ball for their own...

Security had to step in and break it up. They’re currently in small claims court because the Frenchie refused to settle out of court, claiming “It’s my ball, and that’s that.”

This Border Collie was devilishly handsome...did anyone happen to get his number? Asking for a friend...

“No, I do not like Halloween, I never did, and I never will. They think it’s funny that because I chase squirrels for a living, and that making me look like one is ‘amusing’. Their attempt at irony is going to cost them when I get back and take a huge dump on their new rug which is about to become ‘off-white’.” - this dog, probably.

A crab tried to sidestep the line, and was promptly sent to the back, where he angrily fumed and pinched at the air.

This couple took PDA to a whole new level.

Who got up on the bar first? Does it matter? They tried to untag themselves on FB, but we retagged them.

Can I help you? It looks like you’ve had too much, buddy.

Who’s got the sharpie?

Those ears deserve an award. Much fluff. Go ‘hoos!

This doodle came to the party alone, hoping to meet someone. He didn’t get any numbers but he got out of his comfort zone and that’s a win in our book. Hang in there, buddy!

This puppy couldn’t even walk straight by the end of the night and needed to be carried out. Did someone spike the water bowls?

No but seriously...this guide dog in training is a little pup with big shoes to fill in his future. We wish you great success!

We knew lobsters taste good with butter, but pugs too? (No animals were hurt in the making of this picture, we swear).

Just a good ol’ woofer working the photo booth.

She made this her new Tinder profile pic and was swiped right countless times. We certainly did!

Otto’s Tacos, who supplied the food for the evening, introduced a new Japanese fusion taco. The “Taco Inu”, as they called it, had a little too much hair for our liking.

HOT TAKE: Maybe the Wolf of Wall Street would have won a few Oscars if this incredible hosky had taken Leo DiCaprio’s place…(and no, hosky is not a typo)

Can it pretty please be bedtime?

Our Project Manager, Isabel, took the mic, but nobody cared because there were dogs everywhere. However, she won everyone back over when she started barking like a dog on all fours and smelling dog butts. Our camera ran out of batteries for that last part, but you can imagine what it was like!

Ladies man (and his human).

Finn’s phone ran out of memory from all the girls’ numbers he got that night. He had to start writing them down on paper!

Certified Wingman.

Waffle reaching new levels of subtlety when it comes to treat thievery. We get it – it’s your passion and we support you girl through thick and thicker!

No shame in the face of a true cookie Houdini. One minute they’re there, the next they’re gone! When is the casting call for the upcoming sequel, Mission Totally Possible: Whole Bowl of Cookies and Nobody’s Watching (I think?).

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate this spooky night with us! It was full of pups, beer & candy – doesn't get any better than that. Hope to see you at the next one!