A Week in Vermont with Team Dogist

October 19, 2018 The Team

Last week, Team Dogist headed up to Vermont for a week of Fall fun! We officially launched our new website, went on plenty of hikes, and hung out with a ton of pups – obviously. Here are some pictures from our week so that you guys can get a taste of what happens behind the scenes!

1. Having A Field Day

On our first day, we went for a hike and found some beautiful, open fields to shoot in. The best part was that there was PLENTY of deer poop for Finn and Waffle to roll around in. #blessingsuponblessings

The Dogist, ready to do what he does best - shoot pups.

Kate, also ready to do what she does best - dork out.

Isabel, scolding Finn for rolling in deer poop.

Henry re-gaining control and bringing back Finn, the GOOD boy.

Rain couldn’t keep the foliage from popping.

Getting the shot - Henry & Finn in full concentration mode. Fun fact: the best way to get Finn to pay attention is a STICK. Cronch level - Expert.

Waffle watching Finn eat said stick hoping desperately the next thing Henry pulls out of his pocket is a cookie.

When Kate pulls out a cookie, the pups come a-running. I think they might have a thing for cookies, don’t you?

Waffle thinks that because she is bigger, she needs more cookies. Finn disagrees wholeheartedly.

2. PUPPY LOVE: Rescue shoot

The next morning, we had a photoshoot with a local animal shelter, White River Animal Rescue, where we took photos of adoptable pups to help them find their forever homes. And, I mean… do you see these puppies?!

Isabel with puppy #1. THAT FACE!

Karina, our awesome intern, with puppy #2. And yes, a Husky in a sweater is just as ridiculous and adorable as you’d expect.

Elias with not one, but TWO puppies. He tried to steal them, but luckily the rescue group had a puppy rescue helicopter and shot Elias with a tranquilizer dart. That last part may or may not be true.

3. Yappy Hour in Stowe

Later that evening, we drove up to Topnotch Resort in Stowe, Vermont, where our team hosted a Yappy Hour filled with dogs & beautiful scenery (oh and delicious Vermont beer).

As you can see, we had no shortage of black Labs. Finn got jealous and ran back to his crate in tears.

The girls being the girls.

Waffle winning her first ever wrestling match and being extremely unsure of what to do next. This style of wrestling is from the ancient art of Doggo-Jitsu, and took Waffle years of intense training to master.

The derp duo won the award for “Most Likely to Take a Snoozle”, which for them was a great honor that is the culmination of years of napping.

Kate & Waffle getting interviewed by a local news station. Not pictured: Waffle flopping in front of the camera and occupying the entire shot until she was given a cookie.

4. Hiking Sunset Ridge Trail - Mount Mansfield, VT

Mount Mansfield is the tallest mountain in Vermont, and we spent a day enjoying the incredible views the mountain had to offer.

Waffle cheesing for her mom and chasing “Mr. Cookie Pocket”, aka The Dogist.

Isabel rocking the Osprey product shots.

The Dogist in action. Did you know he wears knee pads ALL THE TIME? Welp, now you know why. Legend has it he even showers with them! Weird, but hey his dog pics are dope!

As the Shakespearean verse goes, “To Simba or not to Simba? There is no question.”

Waffle tried to take a seflie, but then realized she didn’t have thumbs and that cameras are not edible (at which point she lost interest entirely).

If you look carefully, there’s a hungry Chihuahua in the far distance...

We made it to the top, and while Elias was quite hangry, the dogs were hangrier. They fought tooth and toenail for the PB&J.

The pack cruising back on a quest for a much-needed dinner at Prohibition Pig. We told the dogs we were going to “the vacuum store” so they wouldn’t get jealous.

That’s all for now, folks!

We had the best time up there and Finn proudly soiled three of Kate’s beloved comforters. He said, “that’s nothing!”. While Kate stocks up on stain remover, we have a task for everyone else who’s out frolicking with their pup this Fall! Let’s see your Fall foliage best photos that include your pup! Be sure to use #mydogist for a chance to be featured in next week’s photo story.  Stay tuned for more #teamDogist adventures coming soon!


With love and tail wags from our team to yours! To learn more about our team, check out our team page.