Dog Pic Now


Our mission:
To tell the story of dogs.

When The Dogist first started, it was a bit of a joke – dogs sitting for portraits! Very quickly, however, our founder - Elias - realized that dogs were a much more profound thing. They each had a story, and while most were happy, some were not and they all deserved to be told. Our mission then and today is to give dogs and their people a platform and community to share their stories.

We have a ton of fun running the blog every day, and while dogs can be very silly (as we encourage them to be), we take journalistic integrity very seriously. We are here to get to the truth and whether your dogs are pets, service dogs, rescue dogs, police dogs, therapy dogs, show dogs, mutts, or newborn puppies, we believe all dogs make the world a better place and can inspire us to do the same.

We are honored to share the the profound and often hilarious stories that make dogs the gifts they are and we couldn’t be happier you are here to enjoy them with us. We look forward to hopefully meeting your pup one day!