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Wafflenugget - Psychiatric Service Dog & Professional Cookie Taster

Wafflenugget is CEO Kate Speer’s Psychiatric Service Dog. Largely responsible for Kate’s miraculous recovery from a 9-year misdiagnosis and weighing in at 95 pounds, her presence in both Kate and Team Dogist’s life is impossible to miss. Known for her PTSD alerts that maintain Kate’s wellness and insatiable appetite, she is the proud professional cookie taster of the team. Wafflenugget - commonly known as Waffle, Waffy and Bunny to Kate and her husband, Dave - was born on December 11, 2014, in New Hampshire. Her breeder is no longer breeding and we encourage you to check the AKC’s website for an accredited breeder if you are looking for a Bernese Mountain Dog at this time or better yet, to rescue one.