ADOPTABLE: Long Stay Pups

October 11, 2019 The Dogist

In the shelter world, dogs that have been at the shelter for a long period of time are considered to be “long stays” - aka, dogs that prove to be harder to adopt out. We reached out to a bunch of local NYC shelters and asked if they had any adoptable long stay pups that they’d love to highlight. 

If you are interested in adopting any of these dogs, please reach out to the organization link provided at the bottom of each photo.


Sierra, mix (4 y/o) • "Sierra is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had the pleasure of fostering. She loves to cuddle, is perfectly housebroken, content to hang out in her crate, and overall a big mushy couch potato. The shelter staff described her as ‘a mature woman who knows what she wants but isn't overly pushy about it,’ and I'd have to agree with this assessment! Sierra often breaks into full-on zoomies in the yard, running circles around any toy or ball, and gives away her younger playful side, but inside she is always a perfect lady, obedient and wanting nothing more than to lie at your feet while you work. Sierra takes daily walks to the local coffee shop with me, and while she is 65 pounds of muscle, on the right collar she walks so well that I have no problem balancing her, my own dog, and my coffee all at the same time. She's a coffee shop favorite, and plops down to wait for our order and solicit pets from other customers as soon as we get inside. She has been sharing her home with my other dog (a similarly sized pit mix), and although she's not quite sure how to translate those toy zoomies into dog-dog play zoomies, she is generally respectful and adjusting well. We do recommend that Sierra be the only dog in a forever home (please reach out for more information), but Sierra will be the perfect addition to just about any household. She has no reaction at all to other dogs on leash and in fact, she even ignores other dogs when they bark at her, taking the high road and walking right by!"

Interested in adopting Sierra? Reach out to Muddy Paws Rescue NYC for more information.


Spruce, Spaniel mix (9 m/o) • “Spruce was one of six puppies a pregnant mama gave birth to only three days after arriving. Spruce was the last of his litter to start walking, and when he was closer to eight weeks old it became evident he was fecal incontinent and had a neurological issue we needed to look into. While all his siblings were adopted, Spruce was placed on a medical hold. He was seen by multiple specialists and neurologists in NJ and NYC before he found himself as a patient at AMC. His first MRI showed fluid build up on his spinal cord for an unknown reason. This pressure on his spine was causing the incontinence and his back legs to be weak. While surgery was always on the table, other treatments were recommended first to strengthen his spinal cord and to prepare him for a successful surgery if it were needed. Throughout this treatment period, Spruce found himself growing up in six different foster homes. He was fostered all around the east coast: Upstate NY, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Rhode Island with his mom who's been adopted since January, and Westchester (it truly takes a village)!  As of 10/8, Spruce has finally been cleared for adoption. His final MRI showed that despite all odds, Spruce's condition stabilized in the last few months, and surgery would no longer be necessary. After nine months, we can finally start looking for his forever home: an ideal adopter being someone who is comfortable with some accidents due to his incontinence, maybe some diaper changes, and his medical history. Spruce is friendly with dogs, cats, kids, and would make a wonderful addition to anyone's home, long as they love him for his handicap and who he is.”

Interested in adopting Spruce? Reach out to Muddy Paws Rescue NYC for more information.


Socky, American Pit Bull Terrier mix (2 y/o) • “Judging by Socky’s handsome smile, zest for life and love of people, you’d never know that before coming to the ASPCA Adoption Center, Socky didn’t have it too easy. Based on the information we have, in his previous home Socky spent the majority of his time confined to either one room or a crate. Now the world is an exciting place for Socky! There’s so much to do and see—and Socky likes to stay active and explore it all. Socky may be a little rough around the edges, but at his core he’s a sweet boy who just wants a few things—an experienced adopter to shower him in unconditional love and a comfy home where he can keep busy.”

Interested in adopting Socky? please visit him at the ASPCA Adoption Center in NYC or call (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.


Apple, American Pit Bull Terrier mix (4 y/o) • “Our pretty gal Apple has been waiting and waiting for the day where she could be made available for adoption—and it’s finally here! Apple has been with the ASPCA for a while, and during her stay here she has become somewhat of an in-house celebrity. She’s made every single staff member fall in love with her, not only her cute-as-a-button face but also with her amazingly sweet and snuggly personality. Apple is looking for a very understanding and special adopter. Apple was originally found tethered to a pole in the Bronx, with multiple bite wounds to her head and front limbs. We suspect the bites are from another dog, but because we can’t be certain Apple must be on quarantine until January 8th, 2020, per the Department of Health. Her adopter will be required to contact DOH monthly to provide an update on how our sweet girl is doing. Apple is not a fan of kitties and would prefer a home without them, but she does enjoy the company of other pups and would likely live well with a doggy roommate.”

Interested in adopting Apple? please visit him at the ASPCA Adoption Center in NYC or call (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.


Reglo, German Shepherd (4-5 y/o) • ”Reglo was rescued from Cairo, Egypt after suffering serious abuse and neglect. When we met him in Cairo back in October 2018 he was skin and bones and not eating. He was getting bullied by all the dogs at the shelter so he was unable to obtain any food. We were able to secure him a flight with us back to the US and he has been in rehab ever since. This boy looks completely different then when we first met him, and we are confident that after almost 10 months with us he is ready for a loving adoptive home. Even after all he has been through, this gorgeous boy holds no grudges and LOVES everyone he meets, even children. He has no use of his left back leg, but that doesn’t slow him down at all! He even enjoys a nice swim in the summertime.”

Interested in adopting Reglo? Please fill out an application on for more information.


Danielle Brooks, Pit mix (5 y/o) •  “Danielle Brooks been in foster with us for about a year. Dani is well trained, and a total sweetheart who wants to give a hug to everyone she meets. She gets along well with other dogs but does get excited with on leash greetings. Dani love to cuddle and show off all the training skills she has learned! She is an all around great dog who is ready for her forever home!”

Interested in adopting Dani? Reach out to Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue for more information.


Miro, Maltese mix (6-7 y/o) • “He was rescued from a high kill shelter in South Korea and has been with us in NYC for over nine months, patiently waiting for the right forever home. He’s smart, very trainable, and loyal too. He loves belly rubs and looks so handsome every time we take photos of him! Miro enjoys being in a calm pack, and dogs with high energy or anxiety wouldn't be a good match for him. Miro’s adopter needs to be willing to work with one of our rehab trainers because Miro gets easily attached to one person and resource guards food, treats, and toys. Miro has been amazing in his foster home with 3 other pups to play with! Help us spread the word so we can get our amazing Miro adopted!”

Interested in adopting Miro? Reach out to Korean K9 Rescue for more information.


Kangsan, Jindo mix (4 y/o) • “He is a local surrender; his owners bought him from a breeder when he was a puppy. Kangsan is a sweet, lovable smart boy that needs a patient, strong adopter who can guide him through everyday life and provide a stable home. He not only needs love, but also the proper fulfillment and enrichment that he deserves. Kangsan gets along with calm females and can be pushy around male dogs.  He would thrive in a calm home and loves hiking outdoors and doing urban agility!”

Interested in adopting Kangsan? Reach out to Korean K9 Rescue for more information.


Donghae, Jindo mix (4 y/o) • “He was used as a guard dog tied up outside a house in Yongin, Korea but his owner eventually surrendered him to a high kill shelter because Donghae was too sweet to fulfill his role. Donghae is best described as easygoing and friendly, but needs to be the only pet in a home with plenty of structure, rules and boundaries in order to thrive and live up to his best potential. Donghae would love to have an active, experienced adopter who can continue his training and give him encouragement along the way.”

Interested in adopting Donghae? Reach out to Korean K9 Rescue for more information.


Xavier, Shepherd mix (2 y/o) • “Xavier is a very lovable & sweet boy. We think he's kind of perfect. Xavier recently moved into the city with his foster mom and he's been killing it at city living. Xavier is a very wonderful walker. He passes by dogs with no problem. He's very good with other pups. He's also been doing really well with all of the new noises of the city. He's been navigating all of the strangers on the street phenomenally too. Xavier's confidence with strangers is growing by the day. He doesn't like it when strangers try to pet him so his momma just lets them know he's shy. He's not aggressive at all, just gets spooked.”

Interested in adopting Xavier? Click here to apply to adopt him through Social Tees Animal Rescue.


Atticus, English Bulldog (6 y/o) • “Atticus is pretty wonderful and amazing, if we must say so ourselves. He is super handsome and such an amazing dog! He’s obsessed with people, good with most dogs, knows basic commands, is crate trained and would do best in a medium active home with breed experience. He has lots of folds & wrinkles to love, a super nice disposition and is well behaved. Atticus is a professional fetcher and LOVES toys of any sorts.”

Interested in adopting Atticus? Click here to apply to adopt him through Social Tees Animal Rescue.


Herbert, Chihuahua mix (2 y/o) • “Herbert has made his way to New York all the way from China. Slaughterhouse Survivors saves dogs just like Herbert from the meat industry. This handsome little guy is the perfect companion for just about any family! He gets along well with other dogs, cats, kids and adults! He’s a snuggler and will seek out the affection of his humans, even if it means just curling up under the covers next to you! He’s still working on some house training but has been doing great. He shows no signs of separation anxiety.”

Interested in adopting Herbert? Reach out to True North Rescue Mission to learn more.


Montey, Jack Russell mix (3 y/o) • “Our boy Montey has made his way all the way from Texas! He’s 5 years old, and fully vetted. This handsome guy is currently being fostered with five kids, 8 other dogs and a cat and he gets along with everyone. He is housebroken, crate trained, and walks beautifully on leash. His ideal home would be one out of the city or in a quiet suburb. A fully enclosed outdoor space with 6ft fence is a must, as he has proven to be a bit of an escape artist in the past. A home with other dogs is an absolute must for him as he gains his confidence from a pack. He can be a bit aloof upon first meet, but once he trusts you, he’s the sweetest little guy. He’s been overlooked due to his special needs, but he would make someone very happy! “

Interested in adopting Montey? Reach out to True North Rescue Mission to learn more.