Best Dressed

October 4, 2018 The Dogist

1. Gizmo, Maltese/Pomeranian/Shih Tzu mix (8 y/o), 14th & Broadway, New York, NY • “She’s the ‘littlest bookseller’ at Strand Books. She’s best known for her ears.”

2. Theodore, Pomeranian/Pekingese mix (2 y/o), Union Square, New York, NY

3. Moseley, Great Dane (4 y/o), Dogwood Play Park, Seattle, WA • “He’s always some type of vehicle for Halloween. He was a spaceship last year and had rocket boosters on him. He’s 170 lbs and fits in our Prius.”

4. Curry, French Bulldog (1 y/o), 9th & 3rd Ave., New York, NY • “He doesn’t like other Frenchies. He gets aggressive.”

5. Journey, Golden Retriever (2 y/o), AKC National Championship Dog Show, Orlando, FL • “He steals everything – there’s not one thing another dog can have in his mouth that he won’t steal. He’s sweet and annoying.”

6. Fester, Whippet/Hound mix (1 y/o), Union Square, New York, NY • “He’s a major counter surfer. He once got a good batch of scones. He goes for his favorites (basically anything).”

7. Pascal, Whippet (4 y/o), Prince & West Broadway, New York, NY • “He hates the cold – he has no fat. His coats keep him warm.”

8. Aspen, Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull mix (10 w/o), 9th & 3rd Ave., New York, NY • “We just got her – she’s not responding to her name yet. She’s been great so far. She slept the first night in her crate.”

9. Capone, mix (8 m/o), 16th & 9th Ave., New York, NY • “My last dog, Betty, who was famous for carrying a newspaper everywhere, passed away. Capone won’t touch the paper yet.”

10. Teddy, Miniature Poodle (10 y/o), Union Square, New York, NY • “He wears the leopard every day.”

11. Ribbon, Salty, & Earl, Whippets (8, 3, & 7 y/o), Central Park, New York, NY • “They’re like statues. They’re always together and they’re not timid.”

12. Bodhi, Shiba Inu (8 y/o), Brooklyn, NY • “We started @mensweardog four years ago. We put a cardigan on him as a joke, but he ended up loving it. He was giving us angles and everything. I posted the photo to Facebook and people were like, you have to do something with this. Two days later we were featured on GQ and the next week we went into the offices at Time Magazine. We were once invited to an event at Stetson, and they had a beautiful vintage rug on display. Of course, the very first thing he does is pee on it. It was embarrassing.“

13. Herschel, Dachshund/Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull mix (4 y/o), Carmine & Bedford St., New York, NY • “Everyone loves him and he knows it. It’s all under his terms. He’s like your worst hipster boyfriend. He’s in love with himself.”

14. Cortana, Pit Bull (4 y/o), 19th & Broadway, New York, NY • “Is she from a rescue?” “Not from a rescue, just from an asshole. He wasn’t taking care of her at all. I dress her in pink so people aren’t scared of her. I’ve seen a woman pick her baby up when she saw her. She’s harmless – you could put your whole hand in her mouth.”

15. Yogi, Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle mix (8 y/o), 46th & 12th Ave., New York, NY • “He prefers vegetables to meat. If you start peeling a cucumber, he’ll cry because he wants it so bad. He went to college with me – he went to every class and walked across the stage with me in a cap and gown. He got his associate’s degree.”

16. Pasquale, Dachshund (4 m/o), Union Square, New York, NY • “He thinks he’s a tough guy. He likes to put our Basset Hound in his place.”

17. Mimosa, Pit Bull mix (9 y/o), Hudson River Greenway, New York, NY • “She likes to dress up and have conversations. She’ll bark if you don’t pay attention to her.”

18. Duke & Daisy, Puggles (2 y/o), Battery Park City Esplanade, New York, NY • “They’re twins. They dress and sleep symmetrically.”

19. Charlie, Miniature Schnauzer (3 y/o), 15th & 2nd Ave., New York, NY • “He’s jumped up on the table and eaten the napkins.”

20. Teddy, Miniature Poodle (8 y/o), 46th & 12th Ave, New York, NY • “He’s known for his big attitude and big hair. He’s an agility dog – a sportsman.”

21. King Tut, Pomeranian (4 y/o), 2017 NY Pet Fashion Show, New York, NY • “He’s very pampered and demands attention. He likes to go out and party with daddy.”

22. Luella, French Bulldog (7 y/o), Tompkins Square Park, New York, NY • “She’s my best salesgirl – all the millennials quit. She’s also famous for kissing a horse on Wall Street. She got 3.5 million YouTube views (Google: French Bulldog + Wall Street + horse).”

23. Canvas, Pembroke Welsh Corgi (1 y/o), Prince & Lafayette St., New York, NY • “She always wants to follow everybody. She’s social to a fault.”

24. Fritz, Swedish Vallhund (3 m/o), 23rd & Broadway, New York, NY • “Everybody sees a different dog in him – German Shepherd, Akita, Coyote, Wolverine – nobody is right because nobody has seen one. They’re a Swedish herding breed that’s over 1,000 years old.”

25. Isabella, Maltipoo (8 m/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “When you’re mad at her she’ll run under the bed and hide in a suitcase.”