Christmas Canines

December 24, 2019 The Collective

Decorating for the holidays can be hard work...

When your parents tell you that you can't play with the ornaments it requires a LOT of self restraint.

And don't forget the mistletoe!

And snow globes of your dog. Which I didn't know I needed until this very moment.

Every day with dogs is a gift, and Riley and Zion did a great job reminding us.

Kuma's here to bring you eggnog.

And Remus is ready to lead your sleigh!

Sonny will be waiting under the tree for Santa.

Not to mention, the winter fashion this year was truly groundbreaking.

Our winner, however, this year was this EPIC pack outfit.

Thank you so much for your entries! We wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with lots of cheer, and lots of dogs of course.