Dogs in Bags

March 6, 2020

1. Huck, Boxer mix (14 w/o), Front & John St., New York, NY • “He’s super playful but then will fall asleep at the drop of a hat.” A rescue from @muddypawsrescuenyc

2. Poppy, Shiba Inu (3 m/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “She’s just starting to show her personality. I wasn’t planning on getting a dog, but when I saw her it was love at first sight.”

3. Sansa, Chihuahua/Pit Bull mix (15 w/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “‘Sansa’, like the Game of Thrones character. She’s the Queen of the North. She’s in the bag because she can’t walk on the ground yet.”

4. Archie, Chihuahua (2 y/o), Spring & Lafayette St., New York, NY • “He’s a strange boy from Puerto Rico. He destroys the carpet – there are three big chunks missing.” @archiestephenson

5. Speck, Shih Tzu mix (6 y/o), Varick & Clarkson St., New York, NY • “We call her ‘Specky with the good hair.’”

6. Frances Bacon, French Bulldog (1 y/o), W 3rd & 6th Ave, New York, NY.

7. Dagmar, Chihuahua, L Train, New York, NY.

8. Leroy, Dachshund (7 y/o), 18th & 5th Ave., New York, NY • “He had two detached retinas in his eye that was fixed twice. He can see pretty well out of his other eye.”

9. Mervin, Chihuahua (9 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “I brought him home as a foster and that night it was a done deal. He’s got the Chihuahua tremble when he’s cold, happy, or angry.” @mervinthechihuahua.

10. Clover, Dachshund (11 w/o), Church Square, Hoboken, NJ • “She has absolutely no concept of how small she is.”

11. Jack, Chihuahua mix (6 y/o), 6 Train, New York, NY • “This is his first subway ride, so he’s a bit nervous. We’re fostering him and he’s available for adoption from @socialteesnyc. He’s a great lap dog.”

12. Wooster, Dachshund/Chihuahua mix (2 y/o), Carl Schurz Park, New York, NY • “This is only his second time in the backpack, but he loves it. I think it makes him feel safe.”

13. Mick, Yorkshire Terrier (13 y/o), Prince & W Broadway, New York, NY.

14. Angelina, Chihuahua (1 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “I’m making a scrapbook of the items she brings to my bed – a hairbrush, my swim goggles, apricots; I gave her some chickpeas and they ended up under my covers. She’s going to be a bridesmaid in a dog wedding in February.” @waggytailrescue.

15. Mathew, Poodle/Lhasa Apso mix (11 y/o), Broadway & 5th Ave, New York, NY.

16. Penny, Papillon (6 y/o), West 4th & Perry St., New York, NY • “She can sneeze and blow out a candle on command.”

17. Sophie, Beagle mix (2 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “She was Snoopy for a ‘Peanuts’ parody they did on The Tonight Show (@fallontonight) but she got cut. When she’s in the bag on the train she likes to lick people’s elbows.”

18. Pretzel, Pomeranian (16 m/o), Bleecker & Grove St., New York, NY • “He’s like a rubber ball – he jumps really high.”

19. Maya, Beagle, 1st & 1st Ave., New York, NY • “She always rides with me. She’s a Long Island girl who moved to the city.”

20. Rusty, Biewer Terrier (2 y/o), Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque, NM • “He’s a mama’s boy. He’s very well mannered unless someone comes to the door, then all bets are off.”

21. Chico, Dachshund/Yorkshire Terrier mix (1 y/o), Broome & West Broadway, New York, NY • “He’s like a grumpy old man – when he doesn’t know you he’s like, ‘Ahhhh, don’t touch me!’, but he likes females. With females, he’s with it.”

22. Gigi, Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix (1 y/o), 14th & 3rd Ave., New York, NY • “This is our second photoshoot today. She’s a snuggler and likes to hunt pigeons.” @gigi_snuggles

23. Barkley, Cavapoo (11 w/o), Prince & Broadway, New York, NY • “Loves rope toys. Pretty good at potty training. Sleeps through the night.”

24. Leo, Yorkshire Terrier (9 y/o), Houston & Lafayette St., New York, NY • “He approved of my fiancé so we sealed the deal. He kicked a few to the curb before him.” @brie_and_leo