Dogs Wearing Hats

April 26, 2019 The Dogist

Waffle, Bernese Mountain Dog (4 y/o), Norwich, VT • She has learned that product shoots involve cookies. It takes a certain amount of cookies to earn the smile. Clearly, this shoot, I didn't pack enough.

Donnie & Diva, Brussels Griffon & Chihuahua mix (“70” & 3 y/o), Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA • “They can drop it like it’s hot.”

Rosie, Cocker Spaniel mix (8 y/o), Easter Parade & Bonnet Festival, New York, NY • “She’s a rescue, so we think she’s mixed with Golden Retriever. She loves Easter because she gets to parade.”

Finn, Sato, (4 m/o) •  Remember when Finn was so cute and liiiiittle? You can get a hat that has a pic of him wearing a hat on it. How meta is that?

Bacci, Pomeranian (8 y/o), Fort Greene Park - Great PUPKin Halloween Costume Contest, Brooklyn, NY • “The only time he ever gets up is when we open the refrigerator.”

Polo, Samoyed (5 y/o), Sheridan Square, New York, NY • “She loves to try and kill birds. She’ll wait under trees for them.”

Louie, Golden Retriever (7 y/o), Pride Weekend – Dolores Park, San Francisco, CA • “He goes to ‘Overeaters Anonymous’.”

Lucy, Pit Bull mix (3 y/o), 42nd & 6th Ave., New York, NY • “My wife had the breast cancer and the lady at the hospital said she wanted to give us a puppy. I first said no, but I didn’t know if we were coming or going. We were homeless. My wife lived and Lucy is her emotional support dog. It’s hard to put back the the pieces in this town. The rent is 3-4 times what it used to be and they’re getting it.”

Chloe, Pug (6 y/o), 2016 Easter Parade & Bonnet Festival, New York, NY • “She’s the U.S. correspondent to the UK Pug Club. Her favorite sound is the sound of a Ziploc bag opening for food.”

Journey, Golden Retriever (2 y/o), AKC National Championship Dog Show, Orlando, FL • “He steals everything – there’s not one thing another dog can have in his mouth that he won’t steal. He’s sweet and annoying.”

Chibi, Brussels Griffon (5 y/o), 5th & Waverly Pl., New York, NY • “She’s a flying witch. Last year she was a black cat.”

Molly Butterball, French Bulldog (8 y/o), Corporal John A. Seravalli Playground, New York, NY • “There’s an International Dog Parkour Association – we’re trying to get a title for her. For the first tier she has to do 13 stunts and one freestyle on video in different locations.” @mollybutterbull

Bankie, Collie mix (1 y/o) – Bankie was adopted through @spcawestchester. Hat given by Max Timper #giveadogabone • “She’s off the charts friendly.”

Theodore, Pomeranian/Pekingese mix (2 y/o), Union Square, New York, NY

Tessa, Samoyed, 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, New York, NY • “Samoyeds were the first dogs that went to the South Pole – they pulled sleds there.” ❤️Happy Valentine’s Day!

ZZ, Maltipoo (9 y/o), Easter Parade & Bonnet Festival, New York, NY • “She’s doing an homage to spring flowers.”

The cookie game was fierce this day. They were peanut butter, and there were many. Unpictured: the puddle of drool at her feet. We're working on that. There's no hope in sight.

Our hats are Union made:

Josie, Boxador (2 y/o), Water Street, Woods Hole, MA • “She’s a crazy runner.”

Even though the hats are amazing, Simon is too smol.