Dogs of The Daily Show

February 24, 2020 The Dogist

Last week we spent the day with the people behind The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and the dogs that make their office what it is. These pups show the great benefit of dogs in the workplace – they make day-to-day tasks more fun, they encourage individuals to be more motivated, and they allow the hard stuff to be just a little bit easier. 

Read below to hear more about these amazing pups.

Izzy, mix (1 y/o) • “He’s a rescue from Puerto Rico. The other day he ran onto set in front of a live audience and interrupted warm up. Some people were not happy about that. I bring him to work every day, except when he goes hiking one day a week with his hiking group – they pick him up from my apartment and take him to NJ. I’m the executive producer/showrunner here at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. My previous dog had been coming here for 14 years. An old employee had a dog they brought every day, and everyone just started doing the same. Jon Stewart was a huge animal advocate, and Trevor Noah is really carrying on that legacy. Every time I freak out about something work-related, l just look down and say, ‘oh right, my dog is here’, and that panic goes away. They are the happiest distraction.”

Myrna, Beagle mix (13 y/o) • “She recently lost her eye – she had a tumor. Dogs are so resilient though. She also had butt cancer so she has to get an ultrasound twice a year, which involves her getting her bikini line trimmed. She’s a sweet little angel, and she just snuggles with me all day until it’s time to go home and eat dinner. She’s been coming with me to work for seven years – we rescued her from Badass Brooklyn.”

Riot, Retriever/Basset Hound/Beagle/Chow mix (6 y/o) • ”He’s super mellow – he’s always been a little old man, even when I rescued him as a puppy. He’s always in meetings – he’ll be the most important meetings where it’s just Trevor, the execs, and Riot. I’m like, where’s Riot? And he’s always there. I wouldn’t be able to have a dog if I didn’t have a job that allowed me to bring him. It’s just such a nice energy to have them around.”

Sam, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (14 y/o) • “This is his usual position. He has some neurological problems that affect his ability to use his back legs, so he uses a wheelchair now. I’m an editor here at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah– he’s been editing on my lap here for many, many years. In fact, most of his life is spent on my lap editing TV. Sometimes we have the hardest days because of the subject matter that we cover, and even on those hard days, there are ten minutes when you get to cuddle your dog. It makes all the difference.”

Marcel, Miniature Dachshund (1 y/o) • “He’s a nervous dog, but he opens up when other dogs are around. I’m a studio producer, so he watches endless amounts of cable TV every day. He’s fueled by bully sticks, which all the dogs in the office love to steal. He lets them take it too – he’s not possessive. He likes to sleep under the covers at home – every morning I say, ‘let’s go to work marcel’, and he comes out from under the covers and walks down his steps. He’s a very gentle soul.”

Walter, mix (5 y/o) • “He was found on the streets of Compton and he hates everyone. He’s pretty grumpy, but very loyal to his one or two people. When he was new here, I would get a memo from security every day that he was downstairs and trying to leave – I get it, I’m not very into office jobs anyway. We LOVE dogs here at The Daily Show. You’ll be in a passionate discussion about something super serious – voter suppression or the war on Yemen – and you’ll look over and see a dog licking his asshole. It really lightens the mood.”

LuChi, Shih tzu (5 m/o) • “I’m the Production Accountant – I bring her twice or three times a week. She loves the dogs at the office, but most want nothing to do with her. She loves Kweli but he has no interest. She’s obsessed – she tries so hard, she rolls over, she licks him. But nothing. We introduced her to the office cats recently and it didn’t go well.”

Kweli, Chow/Shepherd mix (15 y/o) • “I’ve been bringing him here with me for 15 years – this was my first job out of college. Once I got a motorcycle I built a basket prototype so I could bring him to work every day. I’ve built five baskets and each one has gotten more and more sophisticated. I’m the Artistic Coordinator for the show, so it was easy for me to have the space and resources to make this. He’s the dog that’s been coming to the office the longest, so he knows his way around.”

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