Dogs on the Gravy Train

November 26, 2018 The Collective

1. Ladybug, Pug (10 y/o), Minneapolis, MN • “She’s my niece. The turkey was heavier than her.”

2. Gnocchi, Frenchie (4.5 y/o) • “Gnocchi is always down for dress up, or so her hoomans think. She’s bilingual in Portuguese and English.” @gnocchi_frenchie

3. Lexi, Miniature Goldendoodle (2 y/o), NYC • “She loves playing with all her toys – especially her turkey on Thanksgiving!” @goldielex16

4. Teddy, Labradoodle (12 y/o) • “He still acts like a puppy and loves to wear hats.”

5. Ru, Pit Bull • “While she might looks like a mean Pit Bull, Ru spends at least eight hours a day moving from sun spot to sun spot in the front yard. She even has regulars who come to visit and slip her biscuits through the fence! Other talents include: picking raspberries off the vine and winning over every UPS driver with her charm.”

6. Boris, Labrador (4 y/o), Porto, Portugal • “This is Boris feeling very sorry for himself after eating about 7kg of dog food and then throwing up all over the kitchen. Not the first time it’s happened and definitely won’t be the last!”

7. Louie, Aussie/Beagle/Shih Tzu mix (2 y/o), • “Louie knows the best part of Thanksgiving dinner is the booze.” @grumpymanlouie

8. Gibson, Pitbull mix (7 y/o), Nottingham, PA • “He loves getting raspberries, specifically on his cheeks. If you stop, he’ll move his face closer to yours so you can continue.”

9. Stella, Pit Bull (1.5 y/o), Northern California • “Stella enjoys getting in the holiday spirit almost as much as her owner.”

10. JoJo, Golden Retriever • “If it has peanut butter or pumpkin in it, good luck keeping it away from her!” @goldengirl_jojo

11. Ziggy & Toby, Labrador Retrievers (6 and 4 y/o) • “Ziggy and Toby patiently waiting to gobble, gobble all the treats! Toby is Ziggy’s father.”

12. Rudy, Cavapoo (2.5 y/o) • “He’s the sweetest little therapy dog and makes friends wherever he goes. My dad passed away a few weeks ago and Rudy makes the darkest days a whole lot brighter. He’s sure to get a lot of laughs and smiles at Thanksgiving this year in his Turkey outfit.”

13. Jake, Bichon (14 y/o), Lodi, CA • “He recently got a spinal injury that restricts him from jumping on our couches or using the stairs at all, but nothing will stop him from his most favorite thing - Puppaccino runs to Starbucks.” @jakethedog_17

14. Clara, Labrador Retriever (8 y/o) • “She LOVES woofles...err, I mean waffles... and sits guard next to me whenever I'm baking them (which is quite often). After the first couple batches – she feels it is her duty to perform quality control – she lays down, but jumps up to attention the second she hears the click of the iron's thermostat indicating they're ready!”

15. Paco, Chihuahua (9 y/o) Orlando, FL • “He has Napoleon complex – he’s scared of the vacuum but thinks he can take on an 80 lb Lab, no problem – all while wearing his Thanksgiving best.” @yappyrunner

16. Winnie, Wheaten Terrier (4 y/o), Brooklyn, NY • “Winnie is a goofy muppet who will do just about anything for cheese. Second to gobbling up Thanksgiving dinner, her dream is to be on the Real Pups of NYC television show someday.” @BellyRubsAndBullySticks

17. Gus • “Why look like a snack when you can look like an entire thanksgiving meal?” @awhoodlenamedgus

18. Jazz, Pomeranian • “He’s shy but full of love – he would kiss you forever if he could. @jazztakesnyc