Dreamiest Eyes

February 8, 2019 The Dogist

1. Huck, Australian Shepherd (7 y/o), Prince & Broadway, New York, NY • “He’s done some modeling.”

2. Akira, Siberian Husky (4 m/o), Waverly & University Pl., New York, NY • “She’s sometimes calm and adorable, sometimes really hyper.”

3. Lucas, Pomsky (8 m/o), Spring & West Broadway, New York, NY • “He chills on the fire escape. He likes the cold weather.”

4. Margot, Cocker Spaniel (4 y/o), Little W 12th & Washington St., New York, NY • “She never barks. She only barks if something extreme happens, then only one time.”

5. Benny, Weimaraner (10 m/o), Hudson & Barrow St., New York, NY.

6. Nala, Alaskan Husky (5 y/o), Schwanthalersrtraße & Goethestraße, Munich, Germany • “She loves the mountains; she hikes with me from one to another, and is always hunting for sheeps or goats.”

7. Bella, Siberian Husky mix (6 y/o), 84th & Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY • “Instead of eating at her bowl, she scoops it up and eats it all over her owner’s bed. We’re teaching her to be a lady.”

8. Kira, Siberian Husky (1 y/o), Main & Levering St., Philadelphia, PA • “She plays with the cat and rubs up against her until she gets whacked.”

9. Charles, Husky/Labrador Retriever mix (4 m/o), Runyon Canyon Park, Los Angeles, CA • “He’s really calm except for today. I think it’s all the other dogs.”

10. Grey, Siberian Husky (1 y/o), 4th & Ave A, New York, NY • “She gets very jealous. She’ll bite you if you pet another dog. She’s (we’re) moving to Iceland next month to build sustainable communities.”

11. James, Siberian Husky (6 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “He’s very talkative and loves squirrels. He’s never caught one but he once got a baby rabbit in the grass…”

12. Blu, Miniature Australian Shepherd (6 y/o), Chelsea, New York, NY • “He likes skateboards and chasing after them.”

13. Bowie, Husky mix (6 y/o), 20th & 10th Ave., New York, NY • “Orange tennis balls make her crazy. I think she sees orange better than other colors.”

14. Charlie, Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix (3 y/o), Father Fagan Park, New York, NY • “He howls along with sirens.”

15. Hudson, Australian Shepherd (4 y/o), Union Square, New York, NY • “He hates swimming. He fell in the pool when he was six months old and has been scared ever since. We tried to get him in the pool over the 4th of July – my boyfriend and I have scratches all over our arms and backs from it.”

16. Rowdy, Labrador Retriever (13 y/o), Canby, OR • “He has vitiligo. I’ve seen other dogs that have it, but never so symmetrical. His belly and toenails turned white too (he used to be all black). He’s the ambassador for the American Vitiligo Research Foundation and has built some relationships with kids with vitiligo who may have been bullied because of it. He’s also gone kind of viral. He was on the front page of Reddit for days. They said he looks like Spider-Man, Deadpool, The Hamburgler, Spawn, Venom, Kiss, an orca whale, reverse panda, fried eggs…some people think we bleached his eyes. There should be a movie about his life. He’s declining a bit, but there were many times he should have died. He’s been shot by a cop, survived a poisoning, has had a tumor removed from his ear and the wrong tooth pulled. He’s got some dementia, senior bladder, and barks for no reason. He still acts like a puppy sometimes, too. And he still smiles.”

17. Skye, mix (6 y/o), McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY • “She’s not too keen on dogs. It has to be on her terms. She also likes treats.”

18. Rambler, Plott Hound mix (1 y/o), Bleecker & Macdougal St., New York, NY • “He’s always allowed on the couch.” A rescue from Georgia, via @inourhandsrescue

19. Gretchen, Miniature Long-haired Dachshund (9 m/o), 12th & 6th Ave., New York, NY • “She likes the smell of weed. She gets real interested and comes over to hang out.” @gretchen.weiner.the.miniwiener

20. Palco, Italian Greyhound (6 y/o), Boulevard Flandrin & Avenue Foch, Paris, France.

21. Jack, Jack Russell Terrier (13 y/o), Madison Square Park, New York, NY • “His name is ‘One eyed Jack’. He ruptured his eye due to high blood pressure. We both have high blood pressure and take our medication together. I always put #enucleation on his Instagram posts, which means to have your eye removed. The vets always love it – nobody hashtags that.”

22. Ice, Siberian Husky (18 m/o), Madison Square Park, New York, NY • “She recently had a litter – everyone wanted the boys, but the boys are big and dumb. The girls are on it. They’re the hunters.”

23. Nova, Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute mix (4 m/o), Shelby Farms Dog Park, Memphis, TN • “She likes yarn. I crochet – if she gets it, it’s gone.”

24. Harriet, Pomsky (18 m/o), South Cove Park, New York, NY • “She doesn’t like to be left alone.”

25. Mari, Shiba Inu (7 y/o), 11th & Pike St., Seattle, WA • “The first was an eye infection, the second was glaucoma. She used to be more independent like Shibas are – she’s become more dog like and dependent on me since losing her eyesight. She’s more affectionate and cuddly and hasn’t been deterred from her favorite activity, fetching a ball.”

26. Reputa, Shepherd/Husky mix (7 m/o), Plymouth Rock, Plymouth, MA • “She’s a little Wile E. Coyote. The first thing she ever played fetch with was a head of lettuce.”

27. Mona, Australian Shepherd (3 y/o), Lafayette & Spring St., New York, NY • “She likes to lie on you – that’s her thing. Not just your body, your whole face. She likes to suffocate you so you don’t go anywhere.”

28. Mars, Border Collie mix (5 y/o), Riverside Park, New York, NY.

29. Sailor, Border Collie (15 w/o), Joyce Country Sheepdogs, Connemara, Galway, Ireland • “We keep Blackface sheep. They live out on the mountain all year round and we collect them five times throughout the year. We don’t keep the sheep for their wool because the price is so low at the moment; we keep the male sheep for meat and the female sheep to replace the older female sheep. We have a problem with foxes occasionally, but I usually only lose 5-10 sheep per year. We use terriers to hunt the foxes. Most of the farmers are around 70-80 years old and never got married. There are only seven children under ten on the whole mountain, which is a pity, because it’s a way of life really. It’s a shame to see it dying out. I pay more for a leg of lamb at the store than I get paid for a whole lamb here.”

30. Jackson, Samoyed (5 m/o), Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto, ON, CAN • “He ate an entire shawarma (wrapper and all) and threw it up five hours later. His favorite food otherwise is napkins.”

31. Kaya, Golden Retriever/Siberian Husky mix (5 y/o), Newport Polo, Portsmouth, RI.

32. Badger, Schipperke (10 y/o), Tompkins Square Park, New York, NY.

33. Levon, Miniature Australian Shepherd, Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade, New York, NY.

34. Vincenzo, Italian Greyhound (2 y/o), Happy Tails Dog Park, Plantation, FL.

35. Ripley, Rottweiler/Siberian Husky mix (6 m/o), Zilker Park, Austin, TX.

36. Tiffany, Catahoula Leopard Dog (5 y/o), Bull Moose Dog Run, New York, NY • “They came here illegally as puppies from the Netherlands & UK. I brought them to the airport during the summertime in a big jacket, one pup in each pocket. I was sweating and asked for a wheelchair. They believed I was sick, so the pups went through unnoticed. Tiffany is now a therapy dog and Kudo (below) is a drug & bomb sniffing dog."