Fall Pups 2019

October 21, 2019 The Collective

Last year, we brought you fluffs in foliage. This year, we present to you all sorts of fall pupperinos.

This first instance of #PeakFoliage is by the lovely @corleone.vito.

Sometimes, leaves can be a little scary...

But sometimes, they can be tasty!

Next, you guys took us to some apple orchards...

"The apple of my eye." @eastonofthewild

@hey.aspyn saw the play utility of apples, while @pursuitofpercy had the *perfect* amount of hard apple cider at the orchard.

Next, you guys took us to the pumpkin patch!

After that, you guys showed us some truly epic fall fashion...

Not to mention, leaves make great hats! @roamingwithremus & @wanderlust_samoyed/@itsmydoggo

We, Team Dogist, also took you guys with us on some fall adventures, such as our trip to Vermont!

@keepingfinn and @simonsits were crazeeeee boyeeees all weekend long.

Here is @simonsits being a spooky boi getting in the Halloween spirit.

And @wafflenugget got over her fear of leaves!

We wood like to wish you a gourdeous fall. @officialsnowdog & @theodorable.goldendoodle

We hope it's filled with adventure (@thetruecocogirl, @yumishib/@itsmydoggo, & @crazyfordizzy)

...and friendship (@_ilove_olive & @bootsythecorgi)...

...and wonder (@thelegendofodin & @doodleandthebean)...

...and lots of #PumpkinSpiceLattes, of course!

And now, last but not least, we present to you the winner from our fall photo contest, @laylalovesgnocchi, whose human will receive a sweatshirt from The Dogist Shop! Thank you all for submitting your wonderful fall photos!