Fluffs in Foliage: Collective Submissions

October 27, 2018 The Collective

1. Cricket, Boxer/German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix (9 m/o) • “She is the most dramatic dog I've ever met, as seen in her model protest photo.”

2. Melia, Labrador Retriever mix • “Her mom came to our rescue from Kentucky when she was pregnant, and raised Melia and her seven siblings in my home. All the pups have since been adopted, except for Melia, who has some health issues that need to be addressed before she goes up for adoption. She’s a great pup that loves the outdoors, especially now with all the leaves!”

3. Bosley, Shepherd/Catahoula mix (3 y/o), Denver, CO • “ He can’t get enough of the aspen trees. Fun fact: his tongue is longer than his face!”

4. Freyja, Feist mix (9 m/o), Queensbury, NY • “She’s the Switzerland of dogs – she loves all other dogs, big or small, and all humans. Her favorite part of the day is when you give her the socks you’ve been wearing all day. She’ll parade them around in her mouth for a while and then go hide them around the house for later.”

5. Pepper, mix (9 m/o), Copenhagen, Denmark • “People often ask me what breed she is and I usually say ‘fake Border Collie’, when in reality she's just a good old stray mix. She snores very loudly most of the time.”

6. Piper, Labrador Retriever/Catahoula mix (4 y/o), Okanagan, CAN • “She's walked into a wall while trying to follow her nose, and she'll whine and cry if anything is on my bed ‘blocking’ her way up; for example, a piece of paper.”

7. Sonia, mix (10 y/o), Bytow, Poland • “She's afraid of many things, like umbrellas and tick repellent. She also once got scared of an inflatable Santa. When she was younger, she climbed a tree while chasing a cat and we had to climb up after her to bring her back down.”

8. Bella & Duke, Golden Retrievers (7 & 5 y/o), WI • “They come from a military family, so Bella was born in Hawaii and Duke was born in Southern California – they also lived in Minnesota for a short time. They have both been on three cross-country road trips and were amazing travel buddies! They are the best fur siblings to their two little sisters.”

9. Bennie, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (6 m/o), St. Paul, MN • “Bennie LOVES bananas.”

10. Chenille, Golden Retriever/Newfoundland mix (1.5 y/o) • “She is a service dog in training through 4 Paws for Ability, a nonprofit that trains and places high quality, task trained service dogs for children and veterans with disabilities. Chenille is the attention QUEEN! She always wants loving and loves to please her humans.”

11. Amber, Labrador Retriever (12 y/o), West Midlands, UK • “She only ever comes upstairs to steal socks, and she likes to eat toilet tissue straight from the roll.”

12. Hamish, Mackenzie & Fergus, West Highland White Terriers (12 y/o & 5 y/o), Cascade Springs, UT • “Fergus is Hamish & MacKenzie's son, but you'd never know it because he's bigger than both of them. However, don't let MacKenzie's small stature fool you – she's really the hunter of the group and any ‘presents’ (i.e. headless birds, mice, etc.) we get usually come from her.”

13. Pipsa, Pembroke Welsh Corgi (3 m/o), Finland • “She's actually really shy – she can't do anything without her mom. She also loves to destroy everything.”

14. Astro, Staffordshire Terrier mix (2 y/o) • “If you can believe it, he’s 47% Chihuahua, according to a DNA test we did. He’s like a sour patch kid – he’ll eat your glasses then cuddle up with you.”

15. Georgie, Terrier mix (1.5 y/o), CA • “He loves to bounce around in the leaves like a rabbit – he has the ears for it too! He actually spends a lot of time on his hind legs – his vet says he has the thighs of a greyhound.”

16. Pinot, Yorkshire Terrier/Shih-tzu mix (3 y/o), Vancouver, BC • “She loves sleeping in and will sit on anything you put on the ground. She’s the biggest sweetheart I know.”

17. Leonidas, Doberman mix (2 y/o) • “He’s not nearly as fearless as his namesake, but he makes up for it in sweetness.”

18. Delhi, “Mega Mutt” (1 y/o), Maple Pass Loop Trail, WA • “I rescued him while backpacking in India. He’s traveled to more countries than most people have. He gives kisses to every new dog he meets.”

19. Lines, Pembroke Welsh Corgi (5 y/o), Finland • “She loves peoples, rubs and long walks. She just had a litter of puppies in July!”

20. Moses, Shih-tzu/Sheltie mix (7 y/o), Burlington, MA • “He's a true mama's boy – his all-time favorite place is wherever I am. He follows me everywhere, even the bathroom.”

21. Arwyn, Border Collie/Labrador/Heeler mix (4 m/o), CAN • “She loves to eat leaves for some reason.”

22. Annie, Labrador Retriever (3 y/o), Moscow Mills, MO • “When Annie hears a knock on the door, she barks a mean bark and then grabs her purple pillow pet – every time.”

23. Tucker & Oolie, Bernese Mountain Dogs (7 & 9 y/o), Gorham, ME • “These guys are pretty thrilled that fall is here and winter is coming. And sometimes they form the shape of a heart!”

24. Zita, Golden Retriever (9 y/o) •”She knows that picking up laundry from the floor and bringing to you = treats, so sometimes when she's bored she'll go to the laundry basket to pick something up.”

25. Sacha, German Shepherd (6 y/o), Scotland • “She absolutely loves this time of year – she likes to chase the leaves when the wind blows and then come home and shake them all over the house.”

26. Rosie & Max, Shepherd mixes (8 y/o), St. Paul MN • “Rosie is a perfect angel – Max, not so much. I call him the devil in disguise – very cute on the outside and devilish on the inside.”

27. Whimsy, Australian Shepherd (1.5 y/o), Denver, CO • “She is the funniest, smartest, best girl. She LOVES watching TV, except when there is violence or fighting. She won't tolerate it and barks at the TV until I mute it or change the channel.”

28. Roo, mix (11 m/o), MacGregor, CAN • “This girl hasn't met any type of food she doesn't like – not even dandelions escape her all-inclusive palate. She also likes to chew on beards.”