Flufftastic Berners

December 7, 2018 The Dogist

1. Barry, Bernese Mountain Dog (15 m/o), Washington & Little West 12th St., New York, NY • “He’s scared of water and lint rollers. He thinks they’re awful.”

2. Waffle, Bernese Mountain Dog (4 y/o), Cardigan Mountain State Park, Orange, NH • “I recently thought she had run away – I freaked out and ran to the neighbors where she has a dog friend – wasn’t there. Then I went down to the stream and she wasn’t there either. I come back and she’s hiding under the porch.”

3. Bernese Mountain Dog puppies (2 w/o), Eden, VT • “They grow up so fast. Every single day in the first eight weeks they are eating something different – mom’s milk, puréed kibble with mom’s milk, puréed kibble with warm water, then kibble.” @vtberners

4. Odin, Bernese Mountain Dog (10 y/o), Spring & Lafayette St., New York, NY • “Odin’s stomach just flipped – massive surgery. We’re lucky he’s still here. Other than that, they’re dogs – they put up with her.”

5. Max, Bernese Mountain Dog (8 y/o), Hudson River Greenway, New York, NY • “He once ate a bag of uncooked rice. Luckily, he was fine.”

6. Juno, Bernese Mountain Dog (4 y/o), Kite Hill, San Francisco, CA • “We took her to Tahoe (CA) and it was funny watching instinct kick in when she saw the snow. She was like, ‘What is this white shit?’ – day three, she was carving a path in the snow.”

7. Stranger, Bernese Mountain Dog (8 y/o), Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY • “He’s everybody’s friend and has a very impressive Rolodex. He’s Jon Stewart’s favorite dog as proclaimed by him on television.”

8. Hazel, Bernese Mountain Dog (2 y/o), Central Park, New York, NY • “She’d much rather sleep than walk, which I can’t say I don’t relate to sometimes.”

9. Mandy, Bernese Mountain Dog (9 m/o), Broadway & Caroline St., Saratoga Springs, NY • “She’s easily startled.”

10. Moose, Bernese Mountain Dog (4 m/o), Island Park Walk, Vancouver, BC, CAN • “He loves raspberries. He eats them from the bush in our backyard.”

11. Maizie, Bernese Mountain Dog (11 m/o), Union & Bond St., Brooklyn, NY • “She likes eating laundry – socks, shoes, curtains, our duvet. We hope to teach her to pull a cart one day.”

12. Montana, Bernese Mountain Dog (1 y/o), 8th & University Place, New York, NY • “She couldn’t be sweeter.”

13. Shea, Bernese Mountain Dog (1 y/o), North 5th Pier & Park, Brooklyn, NY • “She’s as sweet as they come. We call her the Mayor of Williamsburg – everyone knows and loves her.”

14. Bernese Mountain Dog (6 w/o), Oley, PA

15. Pluto, Bernese Mountain Dog (6 y/o), 18th & 7th Ave., New York, NY • “He loves to carry things, like boxes of cookies from the store. He’s a ‘working dog’. One year for Halloween he carried a severed arm in his mouth.”

16. Rocky, Bernese Mountain Dog (7 y/o), Columbus Circle, New York, NY • “He’s very charming and a little bit sore in the hips as they all get. He’s been a great companion to my brother-in-law who’s had a lot of chronic health issues.”

17. Stella, Bernese Mountain Dog (8 y/o), Prince & West Broadway, New York, NY • “She’s loved by all that have met her.”

18. Milo, Bernese Mountain Dog (7 y/o), West Broadway & Houston St., New York, NY • “ His birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day.”

19. Phoenix & Odin, Bernese Mountain Dogs (6 & 9 y/o), Manahatta Park, New York, NY • “They’re uncle and niece (and my daughter).”

20. Älpi, Bernese Mountain Dog (4 m/o), Rye Town Beach, Rye, NY • “He is a terrific little guy with a great temperament.”

21. Hudson, Bernese Mountain Dog (6 y/o), New Canaan, CT • “He’s going to sleep for the rest of the day.”

22. Milo, Bernese Mountain Dog (6 y/o), Broome & Wooster St., New York, NY • “He’s gorgeous and goofy. I’m a psychoanalyst, so he’s also kind of a therapy dog for all of my patients.“

23. George, Bernese Mountain Dog (4 m/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “He bites me a lot and he laid in his pee once. Standard puppy stuff. We’re working on it.”

24. Memphis, Bernese Mountain Dog (8 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “I horseback ride, and he loves to go Upstate with me. I say, ‘Memphis, let’s go to the farm!’, and he goes and grabs his leash and waits by the door.”

25. Timmy, Bernese Mountain Dog (4 y/o), York & Duke St., Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, CAN • “He’s four, but he acts just like a puppy.”