Happy Halloween: Collective Submissions

November 1, 2018 The Collective

1. Mutt (2 y/o) Cary, NC • “He’s such a goof. He’s the laziest dog I have ever had and always talks back to us. 90% of the time you will find him sitting on the couch giving you the side eye.”

2. Pandora, Coonhound/Shar-pei mix (11 y/o) • “We don’t know what happened to her eye, so we make up stories about her past life to explain it to her—today we told her that she was the best pirate on the seven seas, but she lost an eye saving a princess from mutant lobsters. She got a chest of treasure as a reward, and coming to us is her retirement.” @pandoras.barks

3. Stoli, Siberian Husky (3 y/o) • “Pumpkin or dog? Can’t tell. She growled when we tried to take it off. Stoli’s favorite hobbies include back talking and standing on top of furniture.” @fuzzywuzzyhusky

4. Elton, Alaskan Klee Kai (4 y/o) Staten Island, NY • “He was Kurt Cobain one year for Halloween, and then he was Gene Simmons. Last year he was going to be Georgie from IT but he was too freaked out by the balloon to take a picture. This year he is the Big Bad Wolf.”

5. Mario & Buckley, Labrador Retrievers (18 & 13 m/o) • “Mario II (who is dressed as Super Mario) is a Canine Companions for Independence puppy in training. Buckley (who is dressed as Luigi)  was released from CCI due to urinary incontinence and fear of people. Actually, he only fears certain people and it’s pretty random.” @Judah02061

6. Bear, Chow Chow (10 y/o) Netherlands • “Out of all the dogs I’ve had, he was the easiest to bribe into posing for the camera. Bear and I had a very special connection, but sadly he passed away in March.”

7. Killian, Knuckles, Benny & Ziggy • “Steak is on the menu tonight!” @rachgreens

8. Marv, Boston Terrier (7 y/o) Sydney, AUS • “Marv loves wearing costumes! His birthday falls the day before Halloween so some years we spoil him and he gets to wear two costumes! For this costume, his little Boxer brother ate the minion off his head before the party began, but luckily we snapped this photo right before.”

9. Julian, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (4 y/o) Oahu, HI • “He LOVES snacks! Give him a treat and he’ll share where all the hidden valuables are.” @goodjujuinhawaii

10. Bella, Chihuahua (6 y/o) • “Her favorite snacks are Doritos and leaves.” @tacobella

11. Cooper & Stanley, German Shorthaired Pointer & Dachshund (11 & 6 y/o) • “Stanley is always in charge and Cooper is very much afraid of his own shadow. This was their costumes for their annual Halloween costume contest at their doggie daycare a couple of years ago. Cooper is Woodstock and Stanley is Snoopy. They won the contest.” @davisnanette

12. Curtis, Yorkshire Terrier mix (3 y/o) Bålsta, Sweden • “He is kinda nervous and needy, but has so much love for everyone. He loves to give kisses.” @doggycurtis

13. Macklin, Labrador Retriever mix (1 y/o) • “She’s named after Burt Macklin FBI (from Parks and Rec). This was her first Halloween with us and we had to go big with our costumes – Mom and Dad went as Fred and Wilma and Mack went as Dino Flintstone!" @returnofthe_macklin

14. Sasha, Cocker Spaniel (2 y/o) • “For Halloween this year she wanted to be a handmaid. Praise be!”

15. Ghost & Tank, Siberian Husky & mutt (3 & 6 y/o)• “Both live ‘down the shore’ in NJ and love fist pumping and tanning, or sleeping and eating lots of treats – same thing, right? Two of the sweetest and most tolerant dogs I’ve ever owned!” @walter_and_ghost

16. Sierra & Denali, Golden Retriever & Labrador Retriever (2 & 1 y/o) Sacramento, CA • “They dressed up as ghosts this year. Sierra always has to stop for pets, and Denali always has to stop for sticks. They’re best pals, too. Always have to do things together.” @westcoastretrievers

17. Oliver & Winnie, Chihuahua & Chihuahua mix (5 y/o) Chicago, IL • “They have opposite personalities. Winnie wants to say hello to every dog and person she sees, and Oliver wants to fight them.”

18. Ruby, English Bulldog (6 y/o) • “She was recently sorted into Gryffinpaw when she entered Dogwarts.” @rubycubethebulldog

19. Pepper & Parker, Labrador Retriever mixes (6 m/o) Winston Salem, NC • “Pepper enjoys chewing up my rug and sleeping with her head snuggled in my neck, and Parker likes singing to his sister and snuggling his body as close as he can get when we sleep.” @pepperandparkeradventures

20. Guster, Beagle mix (3 y/o) WI • “He's a scallywag: a [dog] who behaves badly but in an amusingly mischievous way.”

21. July, Shiba Inu (10 m/o) • “She loves to run up to anyone who’s eating strawberries and asks for one – it’s her favorite. We rescued her in the month of July, hence her name.” @july_tome_august

22. Ernie, Boston Terrier (2 y/o) Washington DC • “After he drops a #2, he races away from his poo at top speed. I have to be careful and hang on tight while picking up after him, otherwise I’ll fall right in it. Always a gamble.” @ernie_pants

23. Buddy, Husky mix (4 y/o) Kingsland, GA • “He had around 50 stuffed animal toys that he loves dearly.” @buddythepupwhatsurfavcolor

24. Scout, Miniature Dachshund (1.5 y/o) Los Angeles, CA • “Scout will only eat his food if someone watches him. He stares at you the entire time you eat and then expects you to do the same to him.” @sausagenamedscout

25. Barak, Alaskan Klee Kai (5 y/o) New York, NY • “Barak is an anxious pupper who takes a long time to warm up to new doggos and humans, but once you're in, you're in! He'll let his pals thwack him, clean his ears, nibble on him, push him, and more – but not without sharing his thoughts about all of it! He is incredibly vocal.” @greywolf.blackfox

26. Stitch, Cockapoo (12 y/o) Ontario, CAN • “He’s got the good looks and charm of a senior dog mixed with the attitude and energy of a pup!! Biggest stud in the neighborhood.” @thecanadiandogist

27. Kota, Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix (1 y/o)

28. Enzo, Goldendoodle (13 m/o) • “He’s scared of bike wheels.” @enzofurarri

29. Rodolfo, Pomeranian (1 y/o) • “He full of energy and fur – we call it furnergy! This years’ Halloween costume was inspired by the flu season. This was a homemade costume using a Puffs tissue box that will come in handy for those with a cold/flu and will keep Rodolfo nice and warm too!” @roolepom

30. Truffle, Pomsky (15 m/o) New York, NY • “She hates all clothes or costumes. Any time you put something on her, whether it’s a raincoat, booties for the snow, or Halloween costumes, she is frozen in place. Usually she is zooming around nonstop all day – so I guess this is a great way to calm her down!” @trufflethepomsky

31. Penelope Pig & LooseSeal Blueth, Pit Bull mixes, New York, NY • “They are dressed as Michael Scott and Kevin Malone from The Office. They are rescue Pit mixes from the NYC ACC and are frequent foster sisters to other pups in need. Pig can open doors, and LooseSeal loves to swim on the couch and sing the song of her people, which is very strange and Seal-like.” @pigpenthepittie

32. Sullivan, Australian Shepherd (1 y/o) • “He recently got neutered, so we decided to make the best of it and turn him into a “puptini” for Halloween!” @smallsulbigworld