Haus Amberg German Shepherds – Breeding with Standards and Attention to Detail

April 26, 2019 Patrick Lockett

Haus Amberg Shepherds is owned by Patrick and Alishia Lockett, German Shepherd breeders and trainers in Bayern, Germany.

It all started for me as a young boy in Germany. Johann “Hans” Eiban, my grandfather, started breeding German Shepherds in 1969 under the kennel name, vom Krumbachertal, out of Amberg, Germany. Hans was a well-respected breeder, judge and the vice president in the Amberg community for years. My Opa loved the breed and the sport of Schutzhund. I would watch my Opa raise and train German Shepherds throughout my youth and loved the passion my Opa had for German Shepherds. I would spend most of my weekends at the local German Shepherd club admiring the shepherd, later inspiring me to be a breeder and helper myself.

It was taught to me at a young age the importance of sticking to the breed standard of the German Shepherd. This breed standard is followed by all top German Shepherd breeders in Germany and around the world. It’s set forth by the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (Association of the German Shepherd).

I joined the Army at 18 and went back to Germany with my wife, Alishia. We set forth a goal to bring the rich German bloodlines of the German Shepherd to the United States. It is important to us that the quality stay intact and also that the new owners understand how to properly raise their German Shepherd successfully. My wife and I both come from a German background and were raised in military families, which make discipline and attention to detail the core of our breeding standards.

We have spent many years working with the German Shepherd both in the US and in Germany. The standard for breeding in Germany is incomparable to the US. Germans are notoriously known for being efficient and disciplined, with a love for rules, order and organization. These stereotypes are also reflected in the rules and regulations Haus Amberg Shepherds follows when breeding in Germany.

German Shepherds are strong and courageous which makes them great for placement in the service or working field. However, they are also known for their intelligence, loyalty and protective qualities. These characteristics make them also well-suited for families.  They are devoted to their owners, but owners must be dedicated to them and their needs.

We have noticed over the years that forming the bond with your dog is the most important thing in owning a shepherd, no matter what the role in the family unit is, whether it’s for sport, pet, service or working. That bond you have with your dog will be different in each home. Whatever the service of the shepherd in your family, at the core is the bond between animal and human. This bond is what fosters a unique relationship that is most vital to the life of the dog. Without this defined role, the dog is unfulfilled.

In Germany, the relationship between animal and human is quite different from the role the dog takes on in the US. Americans are notoriously known for humanizing their dogs. This behavior towards a puppy leads to unwanted habits from their dogs that often take a lifetime to correct. We are not only providing top-quality dogs, but it is also important to show new owners the proper way to raise their Shepherd in their home. As breeders, we have the obligation to make sure families understand what the German shepherd traits are and what they are to expect from the dog as a breed. We are not just breeding to sell; we breed to make sure these puppies have lifelong homes. We have built lifelong relationships with our clients because our obligation is not just to over breed, but to make sure the new owners get all the answers to their questions. The health and wellness of the dog is what is most important to us.

We breed and train German Shepherds to fit seamlessly into our clients’ households and create the baseline puppy that will suit the new owner’s needs. If the puppy is meant for a family home with small children, we make sure the shepherd is accustomed to the habits that children have; loud noises and fast movements. If the puppy is meant to go into a working lifestyle, that dog must be immune to all situations and perform its duty in an efficient manner. For us, placing puppies is taken on with absolute professionalism and consideration. We know getting a dog is a lifetime commitment and all aspects should be considered. It’s the responsibility of the breeder to be sure that the dog is a good fit for the lifestyle it will be taking on with their new shepherd. This part is another aspect that I see breeders fail at over and over again. If a breeder takes that extra step to properly place a puppy into a lifestyle, than there would be less and less rehoming or foster animals. A screening process is absolutely necessary and it is the number one responsibility of a good breeder.

It is so rewarding to see a puppy placed in a home and live a full life with a family or a shepherd placed in a service position to provide that assistance. I can’t compare the feeling to anything else.

We breed, yes, but we also serve as that educational tool for owners to always have; a lifeline when they are searching for answers to their many questions. We always encourage our puppy owners to come back to us for any questions. We know Shepherds and really want to spread all that we know. There’s so much bad knowledge out there, and it’s important for shepherd owners to have the right info for their animal. With knowledge, a Shepherd owner will fall in love with their dog. Just like with anything you have; a computer, a car, or a cell phone. These things all come with manuals. Our shepherds come with us. Let us be your manual and walk you through the right way to raise your German shepherd with attention and care.