Kids Art Contest

August 16, 2019 The Collective

A few weeks ago, we launched a kids art competition to celebrate dog-lovers of all ages (yes, we encouraged adults to enter too!). We got hundreds of amazing submissions – each one unique and special – so it was incredibly hard to settle on our finalists. But, after much back and forth, we finally did. 

Below we present you with the top finalists of our KIDS ART COMPETITION!

1. “Banana is a 1 year old golden retriever and he's from the forest.  He likes to eat bananas.” Drawing done by Kathan.

2. “Rosie is a 7 month old Cane Corso. She acts just like our 7 year old daughter, Noelle. They are inseparable. She also snores louder than anyone we’ve ever met.” Drawing done by Noelle F.

3. “Eva the dachshund with a black and brown sun to match her fur.” Drawing done by Nora B.

4. “Wilson is a 3 yr old golden retriever from Ogden, Utah. He loves to swim, eat socks, and walk his two boys to and from school every day. One time we rode our bikes down our small town parade route and everyone was yelling ‘Hi Wilson!’ because they know him from the school.” Drawing by Stephanie S.

5. “Sansa queen of the North San Fernando Valley is a 6 m/o mutt that strolled into our front yard as a lost baby of 3 m/o. After searching for her owners with no luck, we decided to give her a forever home with us and she didn’t hesitate to make herself comfy. Her favorite show is Bob’s Burgers which makes sense, since she herself is a big time foodie- this little one’s always hungry!” Drawing by Stephanie G.

6. “My dog's name is Bo. He is a Beagle mix from the Lycoming County SPCA. He's 9 years old. A fun fact about him is that he loves to go down slides at the park!” Drawing by Katie M.

7. “Campbell (doggy doodle on top) is an 8-year old pit bull and Sam (doggy doodle on bottom) is an 8-month old German Shepherd. Both reside in Kamloops, BC, Canada. Campbell refuses to eat his food unless he has a few of Sam's puppy kibble sprinkled on top. Sam will eat his own poop if we don't pick it up right after he's done. He gets pretty upset when we scoop it, actually.” Drawing by Isla E.

8. “Our favorite dog Gracie is a 4 year old Lab/Weimaraner. She loves to sleep on her back and play fetch with her orange ball.” Drawing by Harper J.

9. “He loves to play, cuddle, sleep in my bed... Once he did a fart that was soooooooooo loud and stinky that everyone within a 10 mile radius ears burst and nostrils exploded! Plus, all the bad guys noses burned sooooo much that they couldn't do evil deeds! The police thanked Herby for his help and gave him a life-time supply of dog treats! Boy, Herby was happy! After that, we had to rent a house until the smell went away!  His favourite singer is... Dolly Parton! Same with me. Somtimes at night he sneaks out of my room and somehow turns my mums phone on and starts barking at the dogs on thedogist!” Drawing by Heidi S.

10. “When I was 6 years old, I drew this picture of our dachshund and entered  a ‘draw your pet’ competition, organised by the local vet. Won a lovely cuddly toy which accompanied me on many travels and still adorns my office. 40 years later, I can still say that’s the best doxie I’ve ever drawn (I now stick to taking pictures of my two dachshunds).” Drawing by Marjanneke.

11. “Bo is a little over a year old and we adopted him from a small animal rescue in Chicago (one tail at a time). He originally comes from Alabama and is adjusting to big city life, although he’s scared of anything on wheels (which is a lot of things when you pause to think about it). His great loves include carrots, blueberries, peanut butter, and cheese and his favorite hobbies are zooming around our coffee table and splooting anywhere and everywhere.” Drawing by Sam H.

12. “Ruffles is a 7 year old New Guinea Singing Dog who lives inside of his owner Isaac’s heart.” Drawing by Wendy H.

13. “Juno's a three year old German Shepherd surprise mix. She's a busy lady and you'll be lucky to a get a quick sniff on the hand if you greet her.” Drawing by Liliana W.

14. “Chewbacca, aka Chewy is a 4 year old soft coated wheaten terrier and he loves butt scratches more than anything in the world. Fergie is a 13 year old mini schnauzer, she loves laying on plastic.” Drawing by Georgia H.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...the two winners you guys have selected!

15. “Koda and Frida are both 4 and they are German Shorthaired Pointers. They are the love of our lives and I did a portrait of them for my hubby for Valentine’s Day and I started doing more of people’s pets for fun. I just adopted the cutest little corgi-papillon mix off the side of the road and I am soon to add him to the collection! I’m no kid but I would love share!” Photo by Alex B.

16. “He is such a happy corgi and only wants love.” Drawing by Jocelyn R.

Congratulations, Alex and Jocelyn! Thank you to everyone who submitted, and thank you for voting on these finalists on our Instagram stories all week long!