Klarna Pup-Up Salon

November 7, 2019 The Dogist

This past weekend, our team headed over to the Klarna Pup-Up Salon – aka the world’s FIRST pop-up grooming salon for dogs and their humans.

The day was packed with amazing pup & human pairs who each took a seat/got on the grooming table to get a matching makeover. All day people walking by stopped, watched and took pictures. 

The event was part of Klarna’s ‘Who’s A Good Shopper’ campaign, promoting the Klarna app - a one-stop shopping app that gives you the power to browse any store, brand or product in a single place using the best of Klarna's unique app features. The best part? You never have to leave your best friend’s side.

Their Pup-up Salon teamed up with a pack of celebrity dog groomers like Jess Rona and the lovely people from Harlem Doggie Day Spa and Hair of the Dog Pet Spa, who turned owners & their pups into “Doggelgangers” – but, let’s be honest. We can only DREAM of being as cute as our pups.

Here’s Agador, ready for his spa treatment. Do they make that plush robe in human sizes? Asking for a friend.

I can only hope to be as happy as Agador is while getting his haircut. I mean, look at that smile!

Who wants to see the finished product?! Drumroll please…

BOOM! Doggelgangers! Wait, I can’t tell which one is the dog and which one is the human…

Klarna lets you do what you love (shop) with the one you love (your dog) without ever having to leave their side.

They understand that dog owners would rather have their pooches with them at all times (and believe me, we do!). 

They also believe that dog butts are extremely cute. Which is honestly more of a fact and less of an opinion.

Don’t worry, this dog has a cute face too. It’s not ALL about the butt (well, not all the time anyway).

Okay, are you ready for one of the BEST doggelgangers of all time?!

I mean...COME ON! These two are like father and son (who share the same hair stylist).

The entire “Who’s a Good Shopper” campaign is a celebration of the shopper and their beloved dog. And, let me tell you – there is NOTHING that New Yorkers love more than their dogs.

See?! The look of love!

And the look of EXTREME CUTENESS – honestly, it’s not fair to look this good in the rain.

Thanks to Klarna and all these pups for letting us hang out with them for the day! We had the best time doing what we do best – celebrating dogs.

And, don’t forget – you look DOGGONE FANTASTIC.