Puppy Round Up

October 8, 2018 The Dogist

1. Cody, “Sato” mix (3 m/o), Calle Norzagaray & Calle Tanca, San Juan, PR • “He thinks my kids are dogs, like him.”

2. Bao Bao, Cardigan Welsh Corgi (5 m/o), City Hall Park, New York, NY • "He's named after Bao Bao the giant panda. He thinks everyone wants to be his friend."

3. Ziggy, Dachshund (3 m/o), Cornelia & Bleecker St., New York, NY • “He goes on his wee-wee pad instead of outside.”

4. Oliver, Toy Poodle (10 m/o), Central Park, New York, NY • "He ate my diamond when he was five months old. He popped it right off my finger and we never got it back. It’s probably still in his small intestine and unfortunately diamonds are not X-ray opaque."

5. Puppy at the Guide Dog Foundation & America’s VetDogs, Labrador Retrievers & Lab/Golden Retriever crosses, Smithtown, NY • Puppies at the beginning of their journey to becoming working service dogs for the visually impaired and veterans with disabilities. • “At six-weeks-old they’re just getting used to surfaces and sounds; we’ll also put leashes and collars on them to get them used to the feeling. We’ll play sound recordings of vacuums, highway noises, etc. so they aren’t scared once they leave here. It’s even important that they play and fight with each other so they can figure out how hard they can bite. They’re pretty fearless.“

6. Alphonse, Dalmatian (3 m/o), 4th & 2nd Ave., New York, NY • “He gets that going to the bathroom outside is good, but not that going inside is bad.”

7. Gia, Miniature Goldendoodle (5 m/o), Elizabeth & Kenmare St., New York, NY • "She dances – it's what she does to greet every dog."

8. Scully, Pug (4 m/o), Charles & Bleecker St., New York, NY • “0-60 and back again. He’ll sprint and then sleep.”

9. Bernese Mountain Dog puppy (4 w/o), Eden, VT • “Berners are loyal, well mannered, and they’re mirrors of you – if you want to sit on the couch all day, they’ll sit on the couch all day. If you want to go on a long hike, they’ll go on a long hike.”

10. Bean, Boston Terrier (11 w/o), Queen & King St., Charleston, SC • “She snores like a truck driver... and she farts.”

11. Luma, Pomsky (4 m/o), Lafayette & Kenmare St., New York, NY • “She’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, but she does eat my most expensive shoes.”

12. Hero, German Shepherd (3 m/o), Via dei Giubbonari, Rome, Italy

13. Rocky, Chihuahua (3 m/o), Prince & Greene St., New York, NY • “He’s so independent – he doesn’t care to be carried and will play on his own. He hides under the bed.”

14. Loretta, Redbone Coonhound (4 m/o), Lorimer & Powers St., Brooklyn, NY • “She loves banana and watermelon. Most hounds bark all the time – she only barks when she wants to play.”

15. Stella, French Bulldog (4 m/o), McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY • “This is her first day in the park.”

16. Nala, English Bulldog (4 m/o), 20th & 5th Ave., New York, NY • “She’s trying to learn to sleep at night, so we don’t sleep anymore.”

17. Moji, Jack Russell Terrier (11 w/o), Broome & West Broadway, New York, NY • “He drinks watermelon juice every day and his fur is like a chinchilla’s.”

18. Loki, Cocker Spaniel (8 w/o), Riegelmann Boardwalk – Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY • “We’ve only had him for a couple of days, so his personality hasn’t come out yet.”

19. Apollo, Boxer/Husky mix (13 w/o), Marktplatz, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany • “He’s very relaxed.”

20. Lucy, Miniature Goldendoodle (4 m/o), S 6th & Spruce St., Philadelphia, PA • “She’s scared.”

21. Piper, Collie (3 m/o), Theodore Roosevelt Park, New York, NY • “She’s rambunctious and likes to pull on carpets.”

22. Hemsi, Miniature Husky (11 w/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “‘Hemsi’ is short for Hemingway. He’s a terror in the apartment – he growls at a toy that he thinks is alive.”

23. Oscar, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (12 w/o), Macdougal & Washington Square North, New York, NY • “He follows me around the house all day just so he can get belly rubs. He also knows every doorman on our block, because they let him in the air conditioning and give him treats.”