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The Dogist Rescue Partner Program

The Dogist Rescue Partner Program is a new project that helps give back to the animal shelters that do so much good for animals without homes. This program helps feed dogs and find homes for pups in need.

This season, in wake of the wildfires in California that destroyed more than 140,000 acres, incinerated 14,000 structures, and displaced 27,000 people, The Dogist is partnering with the North Valley Animal Disaster Group (NVADG) to help their efforts with stranded pets. They have been working tirelessly to reunite displaced pets with their families.

If you recognize any of the dogs below, please reach out to 530-895-0000 or contact NVADG directly here.

To donate directly to help their work:

How to get in touch

If you see your dog above, please reach out to: NVADG.

To see more pets that were displaced by the wildfires, please visit this site here: Pets Rescued from the Camp Fire.

About The Dogist Rescue Partner Program

Every season, The Dogist selects a new animal shelter to partner with. This partner is the beneficiary of the #FeedingFriends initiative, an effort to support rescue organizations by donating a day’s worth of meals to a shelter dog for every purchase made from The Dogist Shop. In addition, The Dogist will visit the shelter to photograph the dogs in need and feature them to help them find a home as soon as possible!

To apply to be next season's Rescue partner, please reach out here.