Seeing Double: Best Pairs

February 7, 2019 The Dogist

1. Bear & Wolf, German Shepherds (14 m/o), 3rd & Bowery, New York, NY • “They’re littermates and they MMA all the time – they play aggressively. Bear is the instigator and Wolf is the shadow making sure everything is cool.”

2. Hank & Sky, French Bulldogs (1 y/o), S Galena St., Aspen, CO • “They stink, fart, and snore a lot.”

3. Stevie & Taro, Australian Shepherds (4 & 2 y/o), Grand Canyon National Park, AZ • “They’re father and son – both AKC Grand Champions. I raise and show them.”

4. Rosie & Ragz, Norwich Terriers (4 & 14 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “Rosie gives Ragz hell. She herds her and weighs four pounds more than Ragz because she eats about a quarter of her food.”

5. Curry & Chai, Thai Ridgebacks (9 & 7 y/o), Moore & Greenwich St., New York, NY • “I think they look like silver deer – they’re very rare outside of Thailand. Curry is an old soul and Chai is an eternal puppy. They have the red marks because they prayed with mommy today – they’re good Hindu dogs.”

6. Togo & Sudan, Afghan Hounds (2 & 3 y/o), Prince & Greene St., New York, NY • “Togo is super playful – daffy. Sudan is a royal bitch – distant and aloof.”

7. Aiden & Peanut, Dachshunds (13 y/o), Wentworth St., Hanover, NH • “They’re brothers. One’s the yin and one’s the yang – Aiden is large and in charge, and we think Peanut is the runt. They’re Dartmouth mascots, but we can’t bring them to a football game because they try to go after the ball the whole time.”

8. Zuzu & Zunky, Pomeranians (3 & 6 y/o), Prince & Thompson St., New York, NY • “They’re fashion dogs – magazine covers and red carpets.”

9. Kona & Coco, Labrador Retrievers (11 y/o), Brentwood, CA • “I started fostering them, but within five minutes I was like, ‘I know a good home for them’. They hate water. I call them my ‘fake Labs’. They won’t go out in the rain.”

10. Mabel & Florence, Tibetan Terriers (4 y/o), Central Park, New York, NY • “They each get groomed once a week.”

11. Astrid & Klaus, Great Danes (9 m/o & 2 y/o), Prince & Broadway, New York, NY • “They’re uncle and niece. Astrid rules the roost and had a near death experience. When she was younger she had bloat, but we caught it right away. Klaus was in Vogue.”

12. Riley & “Doesn’t have a name yet.”, Bernese Mountain Dogs (4 y/o & 9 w/o), Central Park, New York, NY • “She’s his mother.”

13. Grayson & Mason, Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd mixes (12 & 7 y/o), 22nd & Broadway, New York, NY • “They’re both super friendly rescues from Ohio.”

14. Chompers & Linus, Pembroke Welsh Corgis (5 & 4 y/o), Spark Social SF, San Francisco, CA • “Chompers is always super happy and Linus is always grumpy. Chompers is like, ‘What’s going on!?’ and Linus is like, ‘I don’t give a shit.’”

15. Bonnie & Carly, Golden Retrievers (9 & 12 y/o), Shawnee Mission Park, Shawnee, KS • “Bonnie the blonde and Carly the redhead. Bonnie has had bad hips since she was born. She loves car rides and swims. Carly likes taking things easy – naps under the counter.”

16. Emmy & Willa, Labrador Retrievers (2 & 3 y/o), Boston Common, Boston, MA • “Emmy is the nice one. Willa is the mischievous one.”

17. Kodiak & Riley, Great Pyrenees & Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix (5 & 6 y/o), Broadway & Division St., Saratoga Springs, NY • “They’re half brothers. Riley was a happy accident on the sheep farm; he’s got Border Collie intelligence and Pyrenees disposition. Kodiak is too social; he was walking up to people at six-weeks-old – a terrible trait for a guard dog.”

18. Zoey & Bella, Yorkshire Terriers (7 y/o), Broadway & Division St., Saratoga Springs, NY • “They’re ice cream nuts.”

19. Bear & Chipper, Golden Retrievers (1 & 5 y/o), Bachelor Gulch, Avon, CO • “Bear always leaves bite marks on the back of my shoes. Chipper fishes – he stands in the water and jumps at fish. He actually got one once.”

20. Evie & Tucker, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (6 y/o & 8 m/o), Bedford & Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY • “Evie always gets in trouble because she pees in our bed.” - “Are you doing anything to curb that?” - “We kiss her and then wash the sheets. Tucker barks at dogs on TV but not in real life.”

21. Sadie & Obie, Standard Poodles (8 & 5 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “She’s the boss. She growls and herds him around the house.”

22. Jet & Zoey, Staffordshire Bull Terriers (6 & 3 y/o), Pier 36, New York, NY • “They’re obsessed with tennis balls. It’s hard to get them by the tennis courts.”

23. Clementine & Angus, Pembroke Welsh Corgis (2 & 4 y/o), Granville Island Public Market, Vancouver, BC, CAN • “Angus is like an old man and Clementine bosses him around.”

24. Kaiser & Roman, Siberian Huskies (5 & 4 m/o), Maria Hernandez Park, Brooklyn, NY • “They don’t live together, but they’re friends.”

25. Layla & Bella, Cane Corso (3 & 2 y/o), Spring & Broadway, New York, NY • “They used to hunt lions, but now they chase squirrels. They look intimidating but they’re actually very gentle.”