Simon’s Story – From Korea to Brooklyn

June 21, 2019 Isabel

Almost three months ago exactly, I became a dog mom. I didn’t know it right then and there, but I went to pick up a pup to foster, and would end up keeping him forever.

Simon’s story started in South Korea, where he was born under a shipping container. Someone found him, his five siblings, and his mom and rescued them from the streets.

They were soon placed with Korean K9 Rescue, an organization dedicated to rescuing dogs from dog meat farms, high kill shelters, stray dogs, and discarded puppy mill dogs in South Korea. Once they were safe, Korean K9 nursed them to health to make sure they were strong enough to fly over to the United States. (Fun fact: Simon’s name was originally LUNO!)

Once the pups were flown into New York, they were all placed in amazing foster homes to decompress before getting adopted (and they all did get adopted!).

This was a photo that was taken by Simon’s first foster family. It’s also the photo Korean K9 posted on their Instagram, which made me fall in love with him. Shortly after seeing him, I wrote them a long email where I begged them to let me foster him for a week. Thankfully, they agreed!

This was the very first night I ever met Simon, but unfortunately not the night I took him home! I was so in love with him that I traveled over an hour at 9pm just to meet him for 15 minutes. So worth it.

The next day, I finally got to bring him to what would end up being his forever home. I think there was immediately a part of us that knew we would be together for a very, very long time. Within the first hour, Simon became my loyal shadow.

It wasn’t long before his soon-to-be dad, Eric, fell in love with him too.

Shortly after picking him up, I took Simon on a #TeamDogist trip up to Vermont to really put him to the test.

We were inseparable the entire time.

We hung out in the snow…

Cuddled on the couch…

And even went hiking with Simon’s big cousin, Waffle!

Once we came home from that trip, it was clear to everyone – we were not giving this dog up. As soon as we arrived back in Brooklyn, Eric and I signed the adoption papers. He was officially ours.

And we became a family.

Simon proved to be the perfect adventure dog - anywhere we went, he happily came with us.

We’ve taken trips to Long Island…

New Jersey…


Upstate New York…

And Cape Cod!

Through all of these adventures, Simon made friends every step of the way.

Unfortunately, not all of Simon’s rescue story is happy. Two months after we got him, Simon had a series of seizures that lasted 24 hours. We immediately rushed him to the hospital, where his vitals were fatally low.

After lots of treatment & finding a combination of medications that helped, Simon was on the mend. I will never forget how terrifying that entire day was – the thought that we might not have Simon with us anymore was absolutely devastating to us.

But our guy continues to fight through anything life seems to throw at him, proving day in and day out that he is #SimonStrong.

Getting back to normal life hasn’t been easy. We have our good and bad days. But seeing this dog’s joy for life, his love for us, and his enthusiasm for all adventures makes every day worth it.

Simon has, without a doubt, changed our lives forever. He has given us a purpose and a reason to love harder than we ever have before.

And we will continue to love him, care for him, and show him the world for as long as he’s with us.