November 16, 2018 The Collective

1. Morty, Great Pyrenees mix (1 y/o), Grand Rapids, MI • “He likes to sleep on his back, and thinks he owns the couch.”

2. Bo & Clara, Labrador Retriever & Chihuahua (6 & 4 y/o) • “They are sisters from different misters. Bo sleeps anywhere, Clara usually sleeps on top of her.” @boandclara

3. Melia, mixed breed (4 m/o), Barron, WI • “I’m fostering her and her mother, and both will be looking for homes very soon. In the meantime, she's enjoying her life! She loves cuddling on the fluffiest blanket.”

4. Rizzo, Pembroke Welsh Corgi (11 w/o), Brooklyn, NY • “She likes to drape her head when she snoozes.” @Rizzointhecity

5. Captain, Golden Retriever (2 y/o) • “He thinks his paws are hands. When he wants you to pet him, he sits up on his back legs and gives you a paw to hold.” @Captaintheretriever

6. Didi, Samoyed (2 y/o), Canada • @Didi_thesamoyed

7. Bogey, Sheepadoodle (1 y/o), CA • “He loves to sleep belly up, just in case someone wants to walk by and give him a belly rub.” @misterbogey

8. Kuma, Shiba Inu (8 m/o) • “Both of her parents were red, short-haired shibas, but she was born with two recessive genes: black and tan color, and long hair.” @kuma.the.woolly.shiba

9. Lana, American pitbull (2 y/o), Iowa City, IA • “She loves to sleep on her back, ever since she was a puppy.”

10. Spot, Pointer mix (8 y/o) Durham, NC • “She has slept under the covers like a human since I got her – she will have it no other way!”

11. Bernie Sanders, Miniature Bernedoodle (6 m/o), Seattle, WA • “He is constantly picking up trash and forcing us to keep up with our civic duties – TRULY a dog of the people.” @bernie__doodle

12. Keesha, Keeshond (14 y/o) • “She is our second Keeshond. Our first Keeshond, Holly, was an angel – never left the yard, never did anything naughty. When we got Keesha she was THE most mischievous dog in the world. She ran away to the woods and would come back covered in mud, she chewed the drywall in the bathroom, and she dug up the garden where Holly’s ashes were spread – THREE times! She’s old now and a big sweetheart, but I’m sure her mischievous spirit has kept her young at heart.” @kwi.etc

13. Westley, Greyhound (4 y/o), AZ • “He only ran six races – he was very bad. He just laid down on the track.” @Westleyparrish

14. Wilson, Border Collie (1 y/o), Worcester PA • “He sleeps comfortably anytime, anywhere, wonky paw in the air like he just don’t care. He was rescued from a puppy mill with a front paw injury that he never recovered from (hence his name, Wilson with the wonky paw).” @wilsonwiththewonkypaw

15. Luna, Siberian Husky, Miami, FL • “When its cold in Miami – 50 degrees F – she prefers to stay inside.”

16. Pebbles, Labrador Retriever mix (2 y/o), Miami, FL • “Everyone said her toy was too big for her, but she loves it.” @polished_pebbles

17. Marty, Bull Terrier (2 y/o), Redondo Beach, CA • “He likes to wreak havoc so that we’ll get up to put away whatever he‘s messing with, and then he’ll immediately go hop into our spot and pretend he’s in a deep sleep and can’t be moved. Works every time!” @Martypartylewis

18. Lucy, mix (7 y/o) • “She pees when I come home, so we always have to go outside for me to pet her.” @marielleface

19. Ruby, Sapphie, & Gem, Labrador Retrievers (3, 11 & 10 y/o), Birmingham, England • “They get along really well now, but when we first got Ruby they refused to interact with her. She resorted to annoying them until they played with her. Now they’re all best friends.”

20. Leo, mix (5 m/o) • “He has an ice cube obsession. He scratches at the freezer and whines until we toss one on the floor for him to chase.” @leosagoodboy

21. Sadie, Yorkie-Poo (6 y/o), Claremont, CA • “We got her as a puppy. They told us she was gonna be 20 lbs – she ended up being barely five lbs, but has the biggest personality. She definitely runs our house, despite our two Golden Retrievers that are at least 20 times her size.”

22. Milo, Labrador Retriever (6 m/o), Lowville, NY • “He double poops us every morning – he waits for us to bag it up and then goes again. Occasionally it's a triple pooper. Then we know he's just playing us.”

23. Bitsie, Pembroke Welsh Corgi (10 m/o), Brookline, MA • “She has no idea how small she is and loves snoozes, hikes, boats, and breweries.” @queenbitsie

24. Charlie, American Eskimo Dog mix (2 y/o), Manitoba, CAN • “I swear he isn’t a dog some days – he’s got quite a unique personality and loves to talk.”

25. Tony, Pembroke Welsh Corgi (11 m/o), Los Angeles, CA • “He loves tortilla chips, Cheerios, and never met a soccer ball he didn’t instantly deflate and then refuse to let go of!” @Tony_thecorgi

26. Max, Labrador Retriever (2 y/o), TX • “He’s just a fantastic character.”

27. Bella, Sato mix (1.5 y/o) • “She’s a stray turned coastie pup, enjoying adventures around Puerto Rico and on a Coast Guard ship. She can sleep just about anywhere and chooses the most unique ways to do it.” @adventuresofbellathesato

28. Kiki, Brittany mix (3 y/o), NJ • “She only sleeps on her back with her arms up.” @kikiandhudson

29. Scout, Australian Shepherd (1 y/o), Hoboken, NJ • “This soccer ball is definitely his security blanket. It was his first toy and is still his favorite to fall asleep with to this day. He is the true definition of a ‘velcro dog’ and follows us all over our home.” @Scout_theaussiepup

30. Sydney, Australian Shepherd mix (3 y/o), Salisbury, MD • “She’s a fast fetch champion. If she’s not playing, she’s screaming about it.”

31. Mac, Terrier mix (6 y/o), San Francisco, CA • “We just celebrated Mac’s 5th Adoptiversary. A few weeks after we brought him home, he was hit by a car, crushing his back leg among other injuries. Once out of the life or death woods, we opted for months of daily vet visits to heal his leg instead of amputation. Mac was a champ through it all and became a favorite with the hospital staff, who began decorating his cast. Five years later we are thankful for the dedicated staff and that we chose to save his leg. We know he would have adapted to having three legs, but we love seeing him run so fast and jump so high.”

32. Chewy, Chihuahua (5 m/o), CAN • “Chewy actually hates chewing things.” @lilboychewy

33. Hudson, Golden Retriever (4 m/o), Atlanta, GA • “He’ll find every missing sock in the house and make sure to never let it go.” @hudsontherealgolden

34. Gus, Miniature Dachshund (1.5 y/o) Duluth, MN • “He’s so dramatic. He knows how to play dead if you ‘shoot’ him. Sometimes he will even stand up on his back legs or jump backwards before he falls over dead.” @gustheminiween