Talking Dogs: The adventures of @Andrew__Muse and his pup, @KickerDogMuse

January 23, 2020 Andrew Muse

1. What should one bring for their first overnight trip with their pup? Is a first aid kit a good idea?

Assuming we're talking about camping, food and water are obviously the most important. Kicker prefers sleeping on the ground and if we get cold he just snuggles us, but that’s extremely rare. Yes, you should 100% travel with a first aid kit. We use @MyMedic, they have a dog specific kit.

2. How do you keep Kicker warm in cold places?

Kicker is a little heater! If we’re snowboarding in the backcountry he stays warm just by running around. On extremely cold days I have a jacket for him, but we typically don’t go out if the conditions are even borderline.

3. What’s your favorite activity to do together?

Snowboarding for sure. Kicker goes absolutely nuts when I strap in. He starts barking and bouncing around like a mad dog!

4. How long have you and Kicker been together?

Kicker was given to me by a firefighter after I lost my first dog Booter in a horrific car accident. He’s been in my life for over 4 years now!

5. Have you thought about getting a second dog?

All the time. As soon as I own a house with some land I’ll be getting another pup!

6. How would you describe Kicker in one word?

Shmoopy 😂

7. How do you cope with having a dog during high altitude climbs?

Slow and steady. Kicker is very capable and very fit. He thrives in the mountains and I don’t really have to do much different.

8. What’s the best memory you have with Kicker? What’s the funniest?

Sooo many incredible memories. In the mornings he stretches and rests his head on my legs. Season Two of the Tiny Home Adventure when we lived in a van together and traveled to Alaska for 6 months when he was a pup has to be a top memory for sure! Funniest thing was when he was a puppy he took a giant poop in the middle of a Lululemon. The poop then clogged the toilet...

9. How did you discover Kicker would be the perfect adventure partner?

I had a pretty good feeling the moment I got him home. I plopped him into the snow and he went completely bonkers! See Season 2 Episode 1 of the Tiny Home Adventure for the footage.

10.Have you ever had any bad experiences while traveling?

99.9% good, but the absolute worst thing was getting into a car accident and losing my first dog. I would have done ANYTHING to have saved him. My soul still hurts deeply over the loss of Booter.

11. Where is your favorite dog friendly place to travel?

Anywhere in the mountains with water that’s dog friendly and allows off-leash. The Uintas is the first that comes to mind.

12. What is the most difficult part about traveling with a pup?

Mostly national parks. They’re so restricted on where you can take your pups, it’s so limiting. That can also be seen as a positive. It forces me to find more obscure places which typically means less people and more adventure!

13. What is the most surprisingly beautiful place you visited in 2019?

Ashley and I had the opportunity to travel to Uzbekistan for 10 days. This was one of the only times I’ve ever left Kicker with friends, but I was blown away by the art, culture, food and history of a country I had never really heard of!

14. Do you ever fly with your dog?

I’ve flown with Kicker a few times. Thankfully, he’s perfectly behaved and sleeps the whole time!

15. What do you do when you’re off adventuring and Kicker needs to go to the vet?

Thankfully that has not happened yet, but I have a few vets on speed dial. I would take him to an emergency vet or whatever is closest or open. I would spare no expense for his proper treatment.

16. If you could ask your dog one thing, what would it be?

How can I make your life even better?

17. If a celebrity played you & Kicker in a movie, who would you cast?

Bart Simpson would play me and Spongebob would play kicker.

18. What is one bad habit Kicker has?

He docks his head in between people’s legs for pats. It’s honestly my fault, but I love it. Sometimes people think he’s getting fresh, but it’s just how he absorbs your love.

19. Do you ever get frustrated with him?

Yes, of course. He’s incredibly well behaved and mannered 95% of the time, but every now and again he forgets how to listen or goes on an adventure of his own.

20. What do you love most about your dog?

Everything… His personality if I had to choose just one. It seems as though he has his own sense of humor which I really enjoy!


To follow more of Kicker and Andrew's adventures, check out their instagrams: @kickerdogmuse and @andrew__muse