Talking Dogs: Yena Kim of @mensweardog

November 21, 2019 Yena Kim

How did you get into fashion and who are your fashion heroes?

I studied fashion for 4 years and was working as a designer for Ralph Lauren when @Mensweardog hit the scene. My fashion heroes are everywhere – in movies, music videos, the streets, online. They’re mostly doggos. 

Did you have any dogs growing up?

I’ve always had dogs growing up – I was raised in India and my sister and I were notorious for rescuing injured dogs from the street & tricking our parents into keeping them as a part of our family. *puppy eyes activated since childhood*

What was the original inspiration for @MenswearDog?

I’ve always thought Bodhi was exceptionally handsome – the movie “Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Wes Anderson probably did a number. A few weeks after watching that movie, it rained one day and we dressed up Bodhi in Ralph Lauren as a joke. We clearly take our jokes VERY seriously.

What was the first thing Bodhi ever wore?

*scrolls down IG feed* It was a blue shirt, a striped tie and a chunky shawl collared cardigan 👌

Does Bodhi LIKE wearing clothes?

Yes, and here’s why – every photoshoot comes with: 

  1. Treat entourage 
  2. Chill Vibes Music 
  3. Ego boost crew that tells him what a good boyee he is 
  4. Air conditioning / fan or heating as needed 
  5. Custom-tailored clothes to fit his exact figure for ensured comfort

Is there anything that Bodhi hates wearing?

Underpants – tried it once, he made his point, won’t be trying it again.

Where do you get Bodhi’s clothing from?

They’re a mix of high-end brands, our favorite mid-range brands & of course, vintage. 

Do you ever match outfits?

We’re matching right now!

Is it tough to get his portrait? How did you teach him to sit still?

He sits still for no one so I photograph him really quickly, sometimes using the burst feature.

Do you think dogs should be allowed at the Met Gala?

The Met Gala that invites dogs is the only Met Gala I’d be interested in. 

Most famous dog you’d want to have dinner with?

@simonsits, @dougthepug & @rosenbergthedog (sorry, can’t pick just one) 

Most famous person you’d want to have dinner with?

Snoop Lion.

We love your book, Menswear Dog. What was that like to make?

It was an amazing experience: months of research, styling, photography and working with some of the brightest book editors in the game was truly a blessing. 

What does a typical “job” look like for Bodhi? Partnership, events, etc.

We brainstorm the concept & creative direction for every partnership so they’re all quite unique to each other. 

Does Bodhi ever act out? Does he ever frustrate you?

All the time – he actually never does what he’s told and loves to bark orders at me when he wants something. Male model diva vibes are real in this household.

Besides his style, what’s one unique thing about Bodhi?

Bodhi really thinks he’s a person. He sits at the dining table on a chair and sleeps with a pillow under his head – having him around is truly like hanging out with a really good-looking roommate (who needs to be taken out for poo walks).

What style tips would you give to a dog just starting out?

Be original & accentuate what’s unique about your dog. 

What is Bodhi’s least favorite food?


Shiba Inus are known to be “cat like”. Would you say that’s true?

Yes – he self-grooms, loves his personal space & only comes over to hang out when he truly feels like it. 

What does ‘Bodhi’ mean? Where did you come up with his name?

Bodhi, from 90’s cult classic movie “Point Break” (the charisma, the tan surfer vibes, etc.)

What celebrity would you cast to play your dog in a movie?

Probably Jeff Goldblum.

What is Bodhi’s dating life like? Does he have a type?

He respects powerful female figures so his type would be a sassy boss lady doggo.

What is one misconception about your dog?

That he’s photoshopped. It’s true y’all – Bodhi is 100% real and a professional at that.  

Any plans to get a second dog?

We obsessively check petfinder & K9 Korean Rescue everyday and would love to welcome a sibling for Bodhi when the time is right.

What is the hardest part about having a “well known” dog?

The Pupparazzis waiting outside our door every morning 😎 

If you could ask your dog one question and have them answer in English, what would you ask?

“Who’s the best boye in the world?”

I think he would look at me and answer with a simple “mmh, me?”