#TeamDogist Vermont Trip

October 9, 2019 The Team

This past week, #TeamDogist headed up to Vermont to finish off a whirlwind month of travel & events. It was the first time ALL of us were together – Finn, Waffle AND Simon – and we made the most of our time together and the beautiful scenery that is Vermont in the Fall.

We completed our road trip from NYC to Vermont in our Tesla, even with its white leather, served as an AMAZING place for Finn and Simon to periodically wrestle (and nap) on the five hour trip North.

Stopping to charge the car actually served as a great time to let the dogs out to pee & stretch their legs. It also served as a time for us to stock up on ALL THE SNACKS. Pretty sure we ate 12 bags of pretzels on the way up.

FINALLY, after hours in the car, the pups were reunited with WAFFLE! Waffle was more than happy to show us (and the dogs) around her stomping grounds, and even taught Simon how to roll in cow poop!

We started adventuring right away, which meant long walks, photographing new product (HOW ABOUT THOSE CREWNECKS THOUGH!?) and giving out endless amounts of dog treats.

Loving this little embroidered detail on the sleeve!

Kate tried her best to look calm, cool and collected, but Waffle ruined it with her most adorable MLEM (or is it a blep? We never know).

That night we got nice & cozy to rest up for our big hike the next day! Henry cuddled up to Simon, who tolerated it for about 32 seconds.

The next morning, we all piled into the car and took off to MOUNT CARDIGAN! Fun fact, this was the first hike Simon ever did! We took him here when he was only four months old, and carried him in our backpacks most of the way.

Not this time, though! Simon walked all the way up on his own, and only gave Isabel a heart attack by wandering off once. Not bad for being a little menace!

We even got a VERY RARE team photo! This one is our favorite because of Waffle’s big booty sticking out in every frame.

Kate attempted to wrangle the pups for a group picture, which is NOT an easy feat! Can anyone guess who the worst behaved Dogist dog is? Hint: it’s the little guy.

Luckily, they sometimes cooperate and we get beautiful photos such as this. Ahh, to have peace and quiet for an entire 15 seconds.

Finn, the photo expert, perfected his downward dog yoga pose for his new ~zen~ instagram page, where he posts motivational quotes and meditates for 72 hours at a time.

Kate & Waffle smiled for some photos, but more importantly....

They got their humpage on too! These two REALLY know how to start a party.

It was a beautiful hike, and we ended the day with lots of beer, hot showers, and tacos. AKA, the best way to end a day EVER.

The next day, we went sight-seeing around Vermont, which included picking up lots of dog poop along the way.

We found some iconic covered bridges, which Waffle posed in front of with her (just as iconic) TURKEY LEG.

Finn opted for a more blue-steel look for his bridge portrait. Seriously, someone cast this dog in a romantic comedy!

Do you guys think our dogs kinda look like us? In this photo we really see the resemblance... 

Then, we headed to a beer garden for MORE beer and burgers. Can you sense a pattern here? Vermont has arguably the best beer and we like to drink it.

The next day, we photographed the CUTEST puppies from a local Vermont rescue organization. This was Allison, and we also got to play with her brothers, Slate and Keeko.



Okay, you get the point. We pretty much died over these little nuggets.

That afternoon, our team cruised up to Burlington. Waffle called shotgun in the Tesla, but nobody listened. She gave us the silent treatment the entire way up.

Elias tried to cheer her up with a selfie, but Waffle was having none of it. The only thing that could make her feel better were a few cookies.

Finally, we got to the beautiful Hotel Vermont in downtown Burlington. It was pretty much everything out of your Vermont fantasies – dogs, flannel blankets, and bonfires.

The next morning, we made sure to get some brunch. Henry was VERY, VERY rude and decided not to share his eggs with Finn. HOW DARE HE?!

Seriously, Henry might be a monster for this. How could you say no to those eyes…?!

After brunch, Waffle and Simon hung by the fire until our meet-up started. Waffle might be the most beautiful, quintessential Vermont model of our generation.

And Simon is serving some real Hugh Hefner vibes here. Do you think that sweater comes in our size?

That evening, we hosted a YAPPY HOUR at Hotel Vermont. We had an AMAZING turn out and got to meet so many of you (and your dogs)!

There was a fire to keep us warm. And yes, you guessed it… more beer.

But most importantly… DOGS!


We had the best week exploring and planning a ton of fun new things for you all in the future. Stay tuned for some exciting #TeamDogist projects coming soon!