Mud Season in Vermont with #TeamDogist

April 13, 2019 The Dogist

Last week, #TeamDogist spent some time up in Vermont to do what we do best – adventure with pups. Here are some shots from some of our hikes throughout the week and, more importantly, some Waffle and Simon content. This was back when Simon was still a foster! (We all knew Isabel was going to ‘foster-fail’)

First things first: Waffle taught Simon how to get down and dirty, as any proper Vermont dog should. This involved a lot of romping through the snow and mud, and then tracking it into the house to add accents to the rugs and furniture.

Here it seems like Simon is chasing Waffle, but the reality is they’re both running from the forest because Waffle “heard a weird noise” and didn’t want to risk finding out what it was. She claims it was a “bumble bee” – we have our doubts.

Here Waffle is teaching Simon the technique of getting mud really caked into the fur. This was a dry run on the snow, but Simon was quite impressed as Waffle pulled from years of experience as a mud romper.

Waffle asked that we take a picture of her in the mud to send to her college friend Brenda in Milwaukee. She wrote “Missing you in the mud! Will track some in the house for you!”

Elias and Isabel discussing Simon’s dreams and aspirations as a dog, like where he wants to go to college and do his dissertation. Elias was hoping he’d follow in his footsteps as a dog photographer, but Simon has expressed interest in getting his law degree, specializing in squirrel prosecution.

Kate rocking her DOGS sweatshirt, just in case you forgot how much she loves dogs. Also pictured: Waffle getting impatient and wondering why everyone’s “so slow” and “can’t hike for their life.”

Isabel and her soon-to-be foster failure, Simon. You can tell they go together like cheese and frozen carrots.

Waffle insisted on doing a cover girl shoot, per usual. She is all about that easy, breezy vibe. This is her patented look, The Turkeyleg.

As we got above the treeline, things got windier and colder. That didn’t stop Waffle and Simon from bringing the hotness.

Kate made sure to pack enough snacks for a small army. We ate every last potato chip and granola bar. Also in our crew was Adam and Jordan, who brought backup snacks.

This is when Simon started getting cold and started huddling close for warmth. Or maybe he was just trying to get my snacks? #hongryboy

Eventually, Isabel had to put him in the backpack to stay warm. We knew Simon was smol, but we didn’t realize he was also a marsupial!

Simon and Isabel posing with a cairn. Does that mean Simon has some Cairn Terrier in him?

This duo in their happy place, the top of the mountain, and peaking on #Kateitude.

Elias even got some modeling shots in – is his outdoorsy, Vermont look working for you guys? Waffle said yes, but only because Elias bribed her with a cookie.

Photographic evidence of Elias’ cookie bribery.

All in all, it was a beautiful hike! Afterwards, we drank some Vermont beers and ate Thai food as the pups passed out – and that’s how you know you had a really, really good day.